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Princess of the Sword (A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms) [Lynn Kurland] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Nine Kingdoms Trilogy now. Princess of the Sword (Novel of the Nine Kingdoms, book 3) by Lynn Kurland – book cover, description, publication history. Princess of the Sword. Lynn Kurland. Buy This Book. I’d read some good things about Kurland’s Nine Kingdoms trilogy, so I jumped on the.

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The Princess of the Sword | Book 3, The Nine Kingdoms | Lynn Kurland

We’re given a sudden burst of politics, war, and magic and I loved getting to see a completely different side to this world and its characters. Princess of the Sword is the third book in the trilogy. Also in A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms.

The entire trilogy, a single story as I said, is fun, light, sweet, and romantic as hell. But she has now finally accepted that she comes from magical beings and is learning to use her power, which is important because she is the only one capable of closing the well her father opened. The Brush of Black Wings.

The Beauty of Darkness. Morgan is finally comfortable in her skin and though she’s still adjusting to the different parts of herself, she’s becoming the woman she was meant to be. Also by Lynn Kurland. Jan 31, Gilles rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s like she turned into a high school airhead right at the key moment. She is incredibly likable and you are rooting for her and Miach, who is also wonderful in the first book, to get together and they do.

Feb 24, Nytetyger rated it really liked it Shelves: I love following their story over and over and over again. View all 3 comments. There were so many unexpected twists and turns, I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through! You’ve successfully reported this review.

Wonderful story with great characters. I guess I lynh attached to the characters. I wish these books were the thrilling fantasy romance they promised. It’s also nice to read a romance written for adults that is clean. Prinxess she is told that she and Miach must stay together to fight this evil, she does everything in her power to make o happen even thought she has to fight his desire to keep her safe and leave her behind.


The Tears of the Rose. Mar 29, Marleah rated it really liked it Shelves: To Kiss in the Shadows. I think this just might be my favourite book out of the series so far! By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. She and her love spend too much time either running to wear themselves down because they can’t face what they know they must or crying because they love each other so much.

Her presence is invaluable to Miach, especially as he battles the demons within himself and the calling to darkness that beckons to him, too, as a powerful pricness. It won’t be that easy, however, and before they have every piece to the puzzle, Miach and Morgan will merely have time to make a brief visit to her old home Ceangail before they run into nemesis Lothar himself at the well.

It kyrland felt like a betrayal of the character, as well as the reader, having Morgan go all indecisive. Maybe I’m bloodthirsty sometimes.

But then she spends a page and some arguing with Kier about closing the damn thing once she has the complete spell!

The Princess of the Sword

I wanted to love these books. That being said, there were really good parts as well and I’ve come to love this world and the people who inhabit it. Unfortunately what comes next devolves fro When it comes to fantasy and romance, I obsessively read an lyn series from start to finish especially when the first book was as good as Star of the Morning the first in this trilogypynn in this case I wish i hadn’t bothered.

Add to Cart Add to Cart. Aug 31, Erin rated it it was ok Shelves: So Miach and Lothar are finally confronting one another, Miach says “I don’t plan on standing against you, I plan to kill you”.

My Heart Stood Still. So ridiculous, somebody kill this guy already.


Princess of the Sword : Lynn Kurland :

To do so, she must race against time and find the spell that will allow her to close the well of evil he opened. Iurland are strong and capable, while being sensitive, and they make a great team. I enjoyed the cozy fantasy elements of this world even though the world building was kind of vague.

Trivia About Princess of the S Instead I wanted to relish my last few minutes before that reflecting on all the good times I had with Miach and Morgan. It did wrap up all neat and tidy with minimal casualties, but for some reaso I really enjoyed this series for several reasons.

I won’t rehash some of the many things that I disliked about these books, starting with the first in the series, and will just say that this was a lackluster ending to a lackluster story. I liked how the story ended up and it was a nice conclusion to their story and things were tied up nicely.

However, the fantasy world – while built enough for its purposes – is light. Their lack of understanding and, frankly, respect make the romantic scenes seem shallow. What really stood out to me about this installment is that we see Miach, for perhaps the first time in the series, really braving the odds against him.

Dec 26, Gerrie rated it liked it Shelves: When it comes to fantasy and romance, I obsessively read an entire series from start to finish especially when the first book was as good as Star of the Morning the first in this trilogybut in this case I wish i hadn’t bothered. Unfortunately what comes next devolves from boring The Mage’s Daughter to infuriating in Princess of the Sword. But that quest will lead her to places she never dreamed existed and into a darkness she would give anything to avoid Much creepier and no children around!


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