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Buy Sharp 52″ LCD64U CPWBXTPXZ RUNTKTPXZ DUNTKTPXZ T-Con Board: Television Replacement Parts – ✓ FREE. Full HD With a maximum resolution of x (), the widescreen Sharp LCD64U fully supports up to HDTV p (x, progressive) for. Find great deals for Sharper Image AQUOS LCD64U 52″ p HD LCD Television. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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And yet another option lets you choose the minimum and maximum range of the backlight when OPC is selected. The Sharp’s strengths, on the other hand, were always evident.

Sharp LCD64U 52″ p Aquos LCD HDTV LCD64U B&H

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Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. I did not find motion lag to be a significant problem with this set on most real program material. Description The newest Sharp looks very much like the company’s other recent designs, lcc a relatively thin, shiny black frame on three sides and a thicker bottom piece with a melted looking droop in the middle.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Imagine – The Ultimate Edition. Here’s how by Geoffrey Morrison.

Sharp LC-52D64U Aquos – 52″ LCD TV

Its buttons are even backlit, though as usual some of the button functions are on the body of the remote—where they aren’t backlit—and not on the buttons themselves. Conclusion The problems I’ve mentioned raised their heads only for a few minutes in the weeks I spent with the set. Both left and right speakers are included. Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. Log in or register to post comments. The Sharp’s strengths, on the other hand, were always evident.


I set it to Slow and left it there. What Your Kids Need for Christmas.

The Tree Of Life. Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. This would sometimes be an improvement, either alone or together with Active Contrast. It also slightly increases the set’s resolution on moving images.

Model #LC-52D64U Sharp lcd television

The positive benefits, when they occurred, included better image punch and enhanced depth. Tell us how to save your model. Related Latest Reviews News. Highs Outstanding resolution and detail Excellent video processing on both SD and HD material Good color out of the box, though aftermarket calibration not possible Lows Black level and shadow detail only fair Image degrades significantly when viewed off-axis Occasional horizontal banding and false contouring NEXT: The competition is intense, with old players making serious inroads, and new players popping up around every corner.

This option is valuable if you expect to revisit Sears PartsDirect using this computer and browser in the future.

And because the Fine Motion control can also darken the image, as mentioned above, I usually left it Off. I’ll have more to say about these two controls a bit further on, since they interacted in unusual ways with each other and with the Brightness control, which sometimes made choosing the best settings a tricky balancing act.

Greens displayed less of that phosphorescent glow than on some digital sets. Exclusions apply to products with limited shelf life, which includes but are not limited to batteries, smoke detectors, or chemical based products; these products must be returned within 90 days of the original order date.

Currently only Sharp’s F92 and D82 series offer this feature. It’s available only with progressive inputs, and it had a far more subtle effect than the Fine Motion control when it had any visible effect at all.


Sharp AQUOS LCD64U 52″ LCD HDTV | Sound & Vision

Greens 52x64u less of that phosphorescent glow than on some digital sets. A step or two darker crushed the blacks a bit, somewhat compromising shadow detail that was not that special to start with. The Sharp’s superb video processing, exceptional detail, and good color managed to plow through its shortcomings in other areas. Nor, in the LCD realm, does it equal the contrast ratio, blacks, adjustability, and consistency across a wide range of program material of the latest Sony XBR4s—though the Sharp’s video processing and crisp detail are superior.

GoldenEar Technology Triton One.

The Digital Noise Reduction control oddly, located under the Options menu, not Picture can work well when you need it without seriously degrading the picture.

I am sending you the part numbers for the clutch parts you probably need. They were also much more noticeable when the camera panned vertically across this type of image.

Leave this field blank.

I hope this is helpful. But this won’t happen if you are listening through a home theater audio system. The zoom mode can enlarge letterboxed material to fill the screen with an undistorted, correctly proportioned picture. Flesh tones, for the most part, were also quite believable, if sometimes just a bit lightened.

Ryan, I am glad I could help.


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