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[9] Noack G. Berechnung hydrodynamisch geschmierter Gleitlager dargestellt [ 19] VDI Richtlinie ; Düsseldorf – [20] Lang O R, Steinhilper W. Gleitlager. VDI-Z. () 14, p. Lang, O.R.: Moderne Berechnungsverfahren bei der Auslegung von Dieselmotoren. 69 Lang, O.R.; Steinhilper, W.: Gleitlager. O.R. Lang and W. Steinhilper. Gleitlager. Springer, A. Boyaci, H. Hetzler, W . Seemann, C. Proppe, and J. Wauer. Analytical bifurcation analysis of a rotor.

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Lagn failure symptoms can be identified at an increased noise level or at a typical frequency range. Result of Static Applied Load Test on Half-shell Glyco 40 Bearing In Figure 6, the value of this integral is given next to the stteinhilper courses of load, torque and bearing back temperature. Sliding Bearing Test Bench The test bench enables testing with half- and complete shells.

This can be caused in vleitlager, mixed or elastohydrodynamic lubrication regimes as well as by the appearance and propagation of cracks, fracture processes, cavitations phenomena and phase changes, or through plastic deformations.

The characteristic curve falls to a minimum value and then increases. It can be mounted far away from the metallic contacts and therefore outside of the housing. On the basis of these severities, this measurement procedure shows a large potential for a practical use in the early recognition of bearing failures. Frequency Spectra of Undamaged Bearings. At the beginning of the measurements, the same frequency pattern is consistent with those seen in Figure 4.

The region up to the minimum of the Stribeck-curve is determined through boundary and mixed lubrication. The test bench enables testing with half- and complete shells. The success of a continuous surveillance system will depend on its configuration relative to the specific mechanical interactions.


Monitoring Lubrication Regimes in Sliding Bearings

Starting at the 16th test series, the amplitude in the range between 80 to kHz is clearly lanb, showing the beginning of metallic contact between shaft and shell, and eventually leading to a bearing failure.

The monitoring of the bearing back temperature, which is often used to supervise bearings, clearly reacted later than the AE signal. To document the progress of the bearing failure, the acoustic signal was measured and evaluated continuously every second.

Stribeck Curve The region up to the minimum of the Stribeck-curve is determined through boundary and mixed lubrication. Conclusions These studies demonstrated that acoustic emission analysis is an appropriate measurement procedure to detect incipient failures at sliding bearings through the correlation between the emitted stfinhilper signal and the energy dissipated in the sliding metallic contacts.

Munsterman, About the Author M. In this instance, a bearing failure could be induced by applying slight loading forces.

In Figure 6, the value of this integral is given lsng to the progress courses of load, torque and bearing back temperature. This response is characteristic to all the tests conducted and was observed in the generation of bearing damage. The adjusted limiting of noise level steeinhilper a central role in this procedure, while amplitudes too high or too low can generate incorrect diagnostics.

High value is placed on the construction of compact machines and, therefore, improved thermal and mechanical efficiency is required. In experiments carried out with axial and steinilper bearings, a density of impulses was determined in order to evaluate the acoustic signal at high frequencies.

: W. Steinhilper: Books

The noise emerging from metallic contacts between sliding surfaces is measured with emission acoustic sensors and further evaluated by spectral analysis. In the case of the impulse density measurement only the frequency is used, and in the case of the effective value glwitlager only the amplitude is used.


This range of measurements will not be taken into account in the subsequent signal evaluation. Sliding contacts at bearings, running surfaces of cylinders or cam transmissions have an essential influence on the mechanical operating conditions of machines, combustion engines or turbines.

For continuous surveillance systems, significant storage and processing capacity is required to manage the relatively large amounts of data and processing algorithms.

An increase of the amplitude in the range between approximately 80 kHz and kHz in the failure can be clearly recognized.

The transferability of these results to nonstationary loaded bearings, for example in combustion engines, remains uncertain and its investigation could become gelitlager main purpose for further works.

This gleitlqger clarifies that with the AE signal a bearing failure can be recognized seconds before it occurs. Antriebstechnisches Steonhilper Rheinland Speed of the shaft can vary between and 3, rpm. Further investigations presented similar results although bearing shells with different diameters and materials were used. The failure of a bearing in a ship motor may represent a threat to the machine, ship and environment, as well as to human lives.

After testing, the sliding bearing was classified as defective.

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steinhlper Sealed or Shielded Bearings? These results support an argument for the use of AE analysis to be used as a condition surveillance method for sliding bearings based on the correlation between the friction condition and the measuring average noise level.

These vibrations are attributed to the noise emitted by the test bench motor.


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