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Order your own copy of Across the Burning Sands at your local retailer or online through our 31 Oct Legend of the Five Rings Fiction. A collectible card game (CCG) set in the world of Rokugan (the same as L5R) that has got a definite Middle-eastern feeling to it. Think of nights and you got. L5R Legend of the Burning Sands *OP [Dan Comrie, Jed Carlton, Shawn Carman, Douglas Sun, Lucas Twyman] on *FREE* shipping on.

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The Qabal was suffering from internal division; The traditionalists who still wished to operate secretly having experienced the dangers of operating openly under the Immortal Caliphand those who wished to burninv openly in the new climate of Medinaat al-Salaam.

This vendetta ended in with the deaths of the Immortal Caliph and of the Old Man himself, assassinated by his eldest daughter Fatima. Jason rated it liked it Sep 12, Will cards centered around LBS have different mechanics than ones centered around Rokugan?

Sans go ahead and get the new Emperor on the Throne with the Race for the Throne then we’ll worry about the new threats. The Senpet army was remarkably well-trained, and utilized powerful War Chariots.


Burning Sands

LBS was known for having its own clan structure, much like L5R. As to what players do, regarding player movements, sites, forums, etc. There have been one or two gaijin who came down from the sands, but they were few and far between.

The system is pretty much the Roll and Keep system with minor tweaks aimed towards showing how magic here is very different from legdnd Kami in Rokugan. Her will was enforced by heartless sorcerers called the Khadi. Amy rated it liked it Feb 02, His adoptive daughter and heir Adirabecame Caliph. On occasion Rokugani have entered the Burning Sands. Learn how your comment data is processed. They had an embassy in the city, which was the most impressive pegend after the palace of the Sultan and the Caliph.

They had evolved their own culture, similar to that of Mongolian raiders. If that is the case, how exactly is LBS coming back? The Qabal opposed Hanan Talibah sanrs tried to lift sanctions imposed on the practice of magic, as well as leading the only substantial rebellion to her power.

That son became a Qolat master and used them as killers against other Qolats. Sqnds were poor, and most of the stock was destroyed rather than being warehoused. Kristopher Miller rated it liked it Jan 12, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Exclusive Interview Angelo M.


Legend of the Burning Sands RPG (L5R) by Dan Comrie

Little has been heard from the people of the sands, given the shakeup they faced and the natural xenophobia of the samurai of Rokugan.

Return to Book Page.

We’d love to sit you down for a game. Want to Read saving…. Yes, the Rokugani samurai are extremely anti-non-Rokugani. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Is the meta game going to take a swing in any one direction when LBS comes back? Legend of the Burning Sands card back. The Scorpion Clantoo, would eventually be banished from Rokugan, its members forced to eke out existences for themselves in this difficult region of the world.

What conflict is arising? Where L5R operated on honor, in the sands, water is life. Other than that, mechanics would likely play to whatever area the character originated from.

Behind the Moto are the Jackals.

The Burning Sands was a merciless and lethal place, unlike any environment known in the Empire.


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