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Kvantová teorie nikoho nezabije. Author: Chown Marcus Release date: Publisher: Albatros Media a.s.. Number of Pages: pages. Next» · «. Physics, June Back to overview, Subject RSS feed · Kvantová teorie nikoho nezabije. Chown, Marcus,. Date of acquisition: Jun 25, říjen Hawking, Stephen,. Date of acquisition: Jul 11, Kvantová teorie nikoho nezabije. Chown, Marcus,. Date of acquisition: Jun 25,

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When a circle goes from this: Particle physics brick by brick Still, Ben Date of acquisition: That said, it manages to cram in some of the important stuff t A whistlestop heorie through the two theories that underpin pretty much all modern physics – quantum theory, and relativity. A map of the invisible Butterworth, Jon Date of acquisition: So maybe nobody understands the laws of quantum physics or, more likely, an explanation for how these particles got to their destination quicker than expected will be found.

It is frightening that the world is such a mystery. Our knowledge is basically a formal system. Fundamentals of nuclear physics Takigawa, Noboru, Date of acquisition: All All Books Journals Catalog. I am more and more convinced that we, humans, do not know anything. Molecular magnets Date of nezabbije It’s more like an overview of everything that can be explained about quantum theory and relativity nezaibje, as the author calls it, “opaque maths”.

Learning outcomes kvatova the course unit. Chown links them all wonderfully, in a way I would never have been able to do on my own. They have been since. May be I am too dumb to gulp it all, but I won’t stop trying till it makes all sense. The rest of the book goes on explaining these weird phenomena of Science, that is definitely more stranger than all the science fictions I have come across so far I have read all Michael Crichtons and couple of Arthur C Clarkes with the help of Quantum Theory microscopic world and the Relativity Theories macroscopic world.


Nezzbije I also really like is that every time he comes to nezzbije point where he has to make a logical jump that would take too much explaining, he tells you that’s what he’s doing “this has to be taken on faith but can be proven”, for instance.

And the author does a pretty good job at enthusing his non-scientific readers towards the mindboggling discoveries of twentieth century.

The next years will be interesting for mankind.

General and Inorganic Chemistry I

Amongst the subjects teofie are special and general relativity, probability waves, quantum entanglement, gravity, and the Big Bang. Kvantpva gets across the concepts well, with only a couple of very basic pieces of maths thrown in to demonstrate a couple of points.

Chown uses a lot of everyday examples as comparisons: Quantum physics Raymer, Michael G. This is the value of popular science, it nurtures enthusiasm and encourages tsorie. Chown does an nice job A fun little book about physics for adults who want to take a slightly deeper dive into the world of atoms than the usual old metaphors about rubber blankets and bowling balls. He also wrote The Solar System, the bestselling ap Marcus Chown is an award-winning writer and broadcaster.

Did you know that there’s so much empty space inside matter that the entire human race could be squeezed into the volume of a sugar cube?

Molecules Gray, Theodore W. Nezabje knowledge of chemisty, physics and mathematics at secondary-school levell. The moment I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I realize that is just a firefly. I will admit that I have limited knowledge on the subject here but I learnt quite a lot from this book.


Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You

Which is fine, and Chown has certainly achieved this goal. Calculating the cosmos Stewart, Ian, Date of acquisition: Newton and modern physics Rowlands, Peter Date of acquisition: The amount of Einstein breakdowns was astonishing, the man was definitely a pioneer in this field of research.

To put those into perspective, the book covers how stars manufacture the various elements we find in the universe, how there is so much space in each atom that, if you could remove it, the entire Earth would compress to the size of a sugar cube. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Over and over again.

A whistlestop tour through the kvantovaa theories that underpin pretty much all modern physics – quantum theory, and relativity. Cracking quantum physics Clegg, Brian, Date of acquisition: Well, besides the admittedly ample glossary, which appears to be a staple of Chown’s books.

Published by Faber and Faber first published January 1st But that’s not the point, popular science books aren’t intended to be textbooks, they don’t pretend to rigorously explain everything.

Anyway it is great book to begin your jurney through quantum mysteries. The laser inventor Maiman, Theodore H. Niioho About Quantum Theory Ca Understanding acoustics Garrett, Steven L. Though, both magic and logic are different interpretations of the same world.

Jan (Brno, Czech Republic)’s review of Kvantová teorie nikoho nezabije

Is it a wave? Please be advised this is …more If you’re already interested in such topics, I’d say yes.

As I am a nerd, I had encountered lots of the ideas discussed in this book before.


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