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Humorist and former model Wolff details her childhood growing up in an all-black Seattle neighborhood with a white father who wanted to be. I wrote a book review of “I’m Down” by Mishna Wolff. It’s a memoir about a super- white kid growing up in pre-gentrification Central District. A memoir by Mishna Wolff, I’m Down is one of the most eclectic and thought- provoking works to have been released in recent times. This text was published by.

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It cuts off in Wolff’s early teens with no mention of what’s gone on in her life since or how her former experience shaped her adulthood. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Those who think so are the very people she mentions in the latter half of the book in my opinion.

I got to step out of my family responsibilities and into my friends’ homes where I was catered to like a crippled person. Refresh and try again. But good lord, reading about how she was “raised” made me want to go back in time, find her, and rescue her from those w People think this book is funny? I almost wish this book was fiction, because that would make the narrator a lot more reliable. I grew up in the projects but didn’t feel “poor”, NEVER went hungry and was never in the neighb I really enjoyed this book.

I would like to meet the person in charge who thought that was a good idea. Let’s face it, memoirs with crazy, alcoholic mothers are a dime a dozen. I thought the story itself was very interesting. View all 3 comments.

All I know is I had purpose: The pressure of seeing what lives her school friends have set up for them gives Mishna unrealistic ideas of how life works.

Obviously, this author turned out ok. Yes, I can see from the jacket bio she’s a “former model” and a “humorist. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Her mother is completely useless, refusing to stand up against him. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. She and her sister must often scrounge for food and can never count on having enough money for groceries.


I’m Down: A Memoir

I knew that cream was for careful people, and no matter how Dad was wo,ff, that wasn’t us. I read it in it’s entirety hoping the humor would come in at some point. It is a weirdly profound little tale told from a kid’s-eye-view. He is a bad person and he deserves to feel bad.

I’M DOWN by Mishna Wolff | Kirkus Reviews

She seems to skirt the pain, suffering and sadness wolfd seem to constantly bubble below the surface of her entire childhood. Reading about Wolff struggling to adapt to her parents’ split and her sudden dunking into a misnna environment got painful fast.

Now she doesn’t fit in because her family is poor. His only friends were black and if you asked, he would probably tell you he was black. I’m not giving this book 2 stars for the writing.

I’m Down is in many ways a catalogue of misplaced emphases and unintended literary effects the prose, for one thing, is flat and clumsy, and the humor feels strained in the way that stand-up routines wolgf to the page usually dobut one doesn’t feel quite right blaming Mishna Wolff for this, exactly.

Feeling she has found her place in the world at last, Mishna is excited—even thought attending the school means a long commute on city buses. Just as she had thought, the kids in Mishna’s new school tease and make fun of her ways of speaking, and Mishna feels highly intimidated by the spoiled preps she is constantly surrounded by. The scenes in the GSCC summer program — Kids left to fend for themselves in an indoor lord of the flies — This memoir ends when she is still a kid; I’d like to read the story of how she came out of that with any sense of self to become this writer and this woman who can smirk at us from the back flap of the book jacket.


When a classmate asks why her lunch ticket is a different color than everyone else’s, she says that it’s because she’s allergic to raisins.

I’m Down (book)

Although the book is written in doan comic and almost breezy tone, much of Mishna’s story is characterized by neglect and perhaps even abuse. He expects his daughters to do the same.

Whether, the man had For me this wasn’t a complete memoir even after the author puts woflf on paper Her Father lives in Seattle in a place called Rainier Valley. Reading previous reviews of the book made me a bit upset.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I might have tried to rescue one or two of her friends, as well. But just as Mishna begins to fit in at the neighborhood, her misuna steps in and gets her transferred to a school for gifted children.

She becomes worried that her dad will not make it across the lake and decides to sacrifice her chance to swim so that he won’t tire himself out trying to keep up with her. This article’s mishnx section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. This book is fascinating and mesmerizing. However, other than that I was a little disappointed by the writing and expected it to be more complex. For anyone who has wolrf time living in those environs, black or white, I suspect this memoir would hold interest and humor.


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