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( bytes). Catalog Request / Registration Form. Custom Hydraulic Manifolds. At HydraForce we believe that better performance. Product Guide. Hydraulic Cartridge Valves. Manifold Systems. Electronic.

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Pressure Control Valves Pressure control and relief of hydraulic systems for flows up to lpm 80 gpm and pressures up to bar psi. Custom Manifold Accessories A full line of manifold accessories are available uydraforce stock including: We understand that optimising the performance of your equipment starts with creative hydraulic integrated circuits. Contact us now using our online enquiry form or online chat, or you can reach us via: You can request a free Hydraulic Integrated Circuit consultation at any time — visit info.

Steel and ductile iron housings are available in select sizes from for high-pressures up to bar psi. Show 12 18 Safety warning, temperature considerations, filtration requirements, cartridge installation guidelines, and product warranty information. Directional Valves For directional control of hydraulic flows up to lpm 74 gpm and pressures up to bar psi continuous and bar psi intermittently.

Pressure reducing logic elements ER series. Spacer plates, 2 by 2 blocks, cavity plugs, orifice and check valve discs, manifold accessories, cavity form tools, valve seal kits, hand pumps, and i-Design software. Items 1 – 12 of Anodized or zinc plating for protection in severe environments.


HydraForce Catalog Request

Valve Housings and Accessories Aluminum, ductile iron and steel housings, in hydratorce 08, 09, 10, 12, 16, 20, and Choose from poppet or spool type, normally open or closed, two- three- four-way, four-way three-position, five-way three position or six way configurations.

Anodized aluminum housings are rated up to bar psi. Valve replacement or upgrading can be done easily and conveniently with little or no down time. Multifunction valves reduce manifold size, number of ports, and machining costs, while increasing flow passage efficiency.

Every cartridge valve, jydraforce and electrohydraulic control goes through rigorous testing and inspection to perform beyond industry standards. At HydraForce we believe that better performance comes from working together, and our engineers and field representatives will hydrarorce with you to design your hydraulic control system. Our catalogue only showcases a small selection of the products that we supply.

Agricultural Industry The Oilpath name is synonymous with directional control valves in the agricultural industry.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Hydraulic manifolds are flexible, compact, vibration-resistant, and reliable. Hydraforcf and optimize hydraulic functions with a custom hydraulic manifold also called Hydraulic Integrated Circuits or HICs. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.


HydraForce Hydraulics Shipped Worldwide | Hydraulics Online

Join Our Mailing List. If you want to do it yourself, you can download free software for hydraulic circuit design and optimization and hydraulic troubleshooting from the HydraForce web site.

Choose from check valves for blocking or load-holding, pilot-operated valves for remote actuation, logic elements for multi-function applications, manual spring-return or pressure actuated, lock valves, shuttle valves, spool-type and poppet-type. This website only showcases a sample of the products that we supply, so don’t worry if you can’t find the Hydac hydraulics that you’re looking for – we’ll still be able to help.

Australian Design & Manufacture

HydraForce can provide the following options for your custom hydraulic control system manifold: Get help designing your custom manifold. Monthly webinars provide design tips, new products and application ideas for the variety of cartridge valves available for use in your manifold.

Anodized or zinc plating for severe environments. The result is more responsive machine performance and efficient use of available horsepower.


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