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HT 611-01 PDF

No-tangle cord. HT S. Datasheet – No-tangle cord. Product description. No-tangle cord HT S. Receiver capsule. HT Datasheet – Receiver capsule. Product description. Receiver capsule for HT Receiver cradle. HT W. Datasheet – Receiver cradle. Product description. Receiver cradle for in-house telephone HT W.

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Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. I already open my intercom and found a 12v ac bell.

Siedle HT 611-01 Mikrofon

Now i think its a option to use a diode to transform 12v ac to dc. After that i use a 12v to 3. Can this work the way I imagine?


I am not quite as fit for electrical engineering. Or htt someone know a finished solution in the form of a board to realize this? With one diode you will still not have a DC signal yet, better to use two diodes or a bridge rectifier. After the rectifier place a capacitor and the resistor divider.

Siedle & Söhne HT S

He uses a zero-crossing detector optocoupler to transform to a 5V DC pulsating signal which he then inverts using a transistor and smooths out to a stable 5V DC using a capacitor. Myself I just used a single diode to rectify the AC and a capacitor to make it smoother. After that Opto-isolator chip with 5v from the Arduino to a inputpin.

Battery a bit expensive last more then a year with DS18B20 temperature sensor connected.

Siedle HT Leiterplatte, 35,78 €

Why are the measured values so different? Are my humidity sensors faulty?

Erratic battery reading when powering via RAW pin. An Esp Nextion Scene controller??

Siedle HT 611-01 Leiterplatte

Howto trigger a doorbell? This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Hello guys, a want to trigger and notify my phone if the door rings. Reply Quote 1 2 Replies Last reply.


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