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HP 8082A PDF

A HP Pulse Generator. «on: November 07, , am». Removed. «Last Edit: January 21, , am by Satbeginner». Logged. Find great deals for HP A Dual Output Pulse Generator mhz. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for HP Hewlett Packard a Pulse Generator. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The A is a MHz dual channel pulse source with variable leading and trailing edge transition times as fast as 1 ns. It also has variable pulse frequency, delay, width, offset, and amplitude.

HP Hewlett Packard 8082a Pulse Generator

Single pulse, double pulse, and square wave operations are available. There are also four trigger modes:. The A has an ECL position on each of its amplitude range switches. When either or both of the switches are set to this position, both A outputs automatically deliver a fixed voltage swing of Use this form to quickly and easily send an email to a dealer.

HP Hewlett Packard a Pulse Generator | eBay

You can send up to 10 dealer emails at a time, and up to 30 per day. The Dealer Directory is intended for visitors to make specific business inquiries and should not be used to send bulk emails. Send to a Friend. There are also four trigger modes: The A operates as a self-contained pulse source with full control of the pulse parameters from the front panel controls External Trigger Mode: The pulse and trigger output frequencies are determined by the frequency of an externally applied signal.


The other pulse parameters are varied from the front panel controls Gate Mode: A gating signal enables the pulse and trigger outputs External Width Mode: The pulse frequency and width are determined by the frequency and width of an externally applied signal. The delay between the input and output is fixed.

The trigger output is the shaped trigger input signal The A has an ECL position on each of its amplitude range switches. Two separate three step attenuators reduce the outputs to 1 V. Vernier is common for both outputs and reduces the output to 0.

A further position provides ECL-compatible outputs Repetition rate: Up to MHz max Maximum variable delay time: A further position of the Pulse Width switch provides square wave output delay and double pulse are disabled External input impedance: Positive, negative, or manual selectable Sensitivity: External trigger – Repetition rate is determined by the external trigger signal.

Repair HP A Pulse Generator

Square wave mode is disabled Synchronous gating – Rate generator starts with a half period delay. Last pulse is of normal width even if gate ends 80822a the pulse External width – Output pulse width is determined by the width of the drive input.


The repetition rate and delay are disabled. HP A MHz repetition rate, 2. Send a Request To: Test Equipment Value, Inc.

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