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Reduction in specific energy requirements through optimization of charge in Hismelt(Ironmaking) Process Presented by Mainak Saha. ABSTRACT. Direct smelting of iron ore is an alternative process for pig iron production that is currently coming of age. The. HIsmelt Direct. The China HIsmelt plant was commissioned and operated in , after about But sintering and coking is a high pollution emission process.

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Hot metal is tapped continuously through an open forehearth and is free of slag.

The projected improvements from the process are as follows. However they his,elt support of some dedicated entreprenuers to prove to the world that they are better technologies.

HIsmelt | Industrial Efficiency Technology & Measures

In a technical sense, the advantage of the HIsarna process is that it removes the step of creating iron ore agglomerates and coke to create a porous burden for the blast furnace. By comparison, in HIsarna, the powder form of the coal and ore are an advantage because the increased surface area improves the speed and quality of the reduction reaction in the cyclone.


The rest of the process didn’t work very well though, so when steel producers massively moved to replace part of the coke by powdered coal injection hismlt China started mass-producing cokes, the project lost momentum again. If BF is present then these technologies are the future. This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The reduction reaction now continues “as normal” in the bottom of the furnace, with the partially reduced iron ore further reducing to regular pig iron and the whole separating into two molten layers a top layer of slag and a bottom layer of molten pig iron. CS1 Dutch-language sources nl. Annealing Low hydrogen Short circuit. Donate Grateful for your donation! In however, the European Union brought pressure on the steel industry to reduce its carbon footprint; the ULCOS consortium was founded as a result and in the period the cyclone technology was hismflt as one of four high-potential technologies.


Schematic of the HIsarna process Rio Tinto [8]. The plant had achieved a production rate of 80 tons of hot metal per hour in early with a coal rate of kg per ton of hot metal. Any other technology to reach the level of BF will take a lot of time.

Unlike blast furnaces, the HIsmelt process can be started, stopped or idled with ease.

Designed by Elegant Themes Powered by WordPress. Retrieved from ” https: Slag is formed by fluxing the gangue in the iron ore and ash in the coal with lime and dolomite. But some iron making technologies like finex, HIsmelt and HIsarna are technologically sound and have potential to have better techno-economics.

HIsmelt process of Ironmaking

In the traditional process one cannot use powdered coal alone since the strength of the coke is required to support the burden. Your email address will not be published. The heat transfer between the upper oxidizing regions to the lower reducing region is achieved in such a way that the oxygen potential gradient is maintained. The core of the HIsmelt process is the smelt reduction vessel SRV which has a refractory lined hearth and water cooled upper shell.

This vessel addressed all the key requirements for a successful direct smelting iron making technology — combining a high level of technical achievements processs simple engineering concepts ihsmelt plant technology. The partnership seeks to finalize the development of HIsmelt technology and to work together to further improve the technology to higher levels of environmental and economic performance. Heat supply to maintain the necessary thermal balance comes by the combustion of reaction gas mostly CO in the upper part of the SRV.


The molten iron droplets then drip down the furnace wall to the place where the “neck” widens into the “bottle”. However, at the time they couldn’t get it to work properly and the experiment was quickly abandoned. Heavy environmental restrictions made it unattractive to build new facilities, so steel producers sought ways to reduce the need for cokes; Hoogovens started putting more effort into the cyclone technology as a solution to this problem and a test facility for the cyclone part proved capable of producing twenty tons of pig iron per hour.

The main improvements incorporated into the design included a stationary vertical vessel, top injection of solids, a simplified hot air blast lance, a fore hearth for continuous tapping of metal and water cooled panels to overcome refractory wear problems.

HIsarna ironmaking process

The trying times did not last however and the project was put on the back burner until the early s. Liquid slag and metal splash acts as a carrier of the heat. HIsarna – Highly energy efficient ironmaking. Further there is big reduction in dust emissions and specific wate consuption. The main product of the process is hot metal.

The very first attempts at applying cyclone oven technology in the reduction of iron ore took place at Koninklijke Hoogovens in the s. Injected iron ore fines are injected deep into hidmelt bath where they are reduced instantly on contact with carbon dissolved in the bath for smelting to take place. Retrieved 19 March The highly responsive nature of the process means that it converts proecss ore, coal and flux to metal, slag and energy almost instantaneously.


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