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The Heroscape items we sell are carefully sorted and inventoried before listing and selling online. Loose Figures and Cards: May show some signs of use but. Posts about Custom Heroscape Cards written by Big Rich. Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. This mod adds my version of HD Unit Army cards. It loads up quickly as everything is bagged, and all of.

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Steam Workshop :: Heroscape HD Unit Cards & Additional Units (v)

I would be happy to do test prints, but their might be another way, I will ask over at C3V how they get theirs the perfect size. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. Blade Gruts Spoiler Alert! Originally Posted by Jim. Crest of the Valkyrie Spoiler Alert!

The right size is the main thing, if I can read the hegoscape I don’t care if it’s a little fuzzy. Figure models and meshes made by the hard-working Lyrgard and the rest of the HexScape team. Master Sets Spoiler Alert! But playing that has really made me want to retrieve those cards so I can actually play HS.

Steam Group here http: Don’t think of it as being outnumbered.


All Overwatch to Heroscape Cards so far (Updated 9/8/17)

Making my own models isnt as hard as texturing really, anyway thanks much! As of update 1. My workflow is improving and I can get these out at an even faster rate.

All classic waves complete. Originally Posted by Lord Pyre. Ok just heroscapf linked to this thread, I would like to help, but I am not sure on how to do this correctly. Valiant Units — Definitive List.

Other than that, you usually have to buy a figure-card set, or get lucky on ebay or Heroscape trading forums like the Sales and Trades section of Heroscapers. Zettian Guards Spoiler Alert! Heroacape agree with you on this case here Fi Skirta. Lord Pyre One time at band camp Heroes of the Faerun Spoiler Alert!

Wave 3 is already being planned. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Looking for Hi-Res scans of some cards List Of All Heroscape Units, With Cards The text for the hdroscape for the Obsidian Guards is on the same line as the picture, which causes the picture to shift to the right.

Isamu Wave 8 Defenders of Kinsland: Originally Posted by Lord Pyre. Combined with his extraordinary aptitude with brutality and his mastery of guerilla warfare, this makes Punisher the perfect soldier—in times of war, at least. But other than that, I’d rename this the “definitive list of List fards all units.


It will take me a while to do all of them, but if you’re OK with that I could start sometime soon-ish. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Originally Posted by Jim If nobody else volunteers, I can scan my cards at dpi then make a PDF of the scan so it will print both nicely and at the right size.

High-rez Scans I agree with you on this case here Fi Skirta.

Find all posts by Lord Pyre. Even though they do cost us a lot of money, its Expansions not Expensions. July 28th, My only suggestion would be to take the card images from the Books instead of the official site. Well, the viewers have spoken, er viewed… It seems that one of the most searched and accessed posts on my blog are the custom Heroscape cards. Grut Orcs Spoiler Alert!


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