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Seite 1 von 1. Gigaset isdn automatic tone dailling. file://F:\docs\ English\DP\Bedienprozeduren\ with display key. Seite 1 von 3. Gigaset comfort register isdn. file://F:\docs\English\DP\Bedienprozeduren\anmelden_isdn_gc. with display key. Seite 1 von 3. Gigaset classic register isdn. file://F:\docs\English\DP\Bedienprozeduren\anmelden_isdn_gs.

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We re- commend that you inform the called party before you be- gin recording. Call up the AM menu.

Siemens Gigaset 3035 Manuals

Using the handset Immediate dialling Lift the handset. Activating Display Illumination You can also select this from the telephone directory.

Setting The Display Contrast For example, calls on your private number should only ring at your handset after 3 rings on the base station telephone the base station telephone rings from the first ringing sig- nalwhile calls on the business number should ring imme- diately. The key lights up.

Prepare your base station telephone for registration as described be- fore. Place the base station telephone on a level, non-slip surface. The base station telephone com- plies with current European regulations.

Entering A Provider Using Emergency Numbers Isdn Glossary Because the caller has no influence over this final destination e. Don’t have an account? Within this warranty period, Siemens AG shall cover all material or manufac- turing defects free of charge.


Siemens Gigaset Manuals

Telephoning With Multiple Subscribers The first call is placed on hold. The procedure on the handset is described in the operating instructions for the relevant handset. Index AM PIN set type 71 deactivating time stamp Call number improving quality adding a call number to the telephone number of rings directory gigxset open listening allocation to a function key 72 picking up calls Pick up the call. The connection is set up and the subscriber answers.

Answering Machine You can also operate the answering machine remotely from the handset and from any telephone equipped with an AF transmitter. Using Function Keys Notes On Using Handsets Returning A Call Options Available During A Call INT2 with a name. Indirect pickup means that you decide whether you wish to answer the call or to call someone else.


Checking The Settings The caller is simply billed for the normal telephone charges to reach the con- nection he dialled. During An External Call Recording Memos Stop recording. Deactivating Automatic Pause Hot Key Selection The following message then appears on your base station telephone dis- play: Using Automatic Time Control Security Activating the base lock You can lock your base station telephone and all registered gigaser to prevent outgoinsg calls.


Whatever the situation, the base station telephone will of- fer you the appropriate isvn, even while you are making a call: Enter the name and prefix max.

Setting Tones Only Example entry as an amount: Setting A Reminder Page 7 AGB Operating at telephone systems The ringer at the base station telephone is switched off — the call is shown on the display Handset: The station symbol flashes. In addition you will see the number of messages and memos, the amount of memory available and the announcement type.

Press You can answer all calls by pressing the speaker key. Operating At Telephone Systems Classic handset on page Making a selection from the telephone directory Open the telephone directory.

During An Internal Call Hands-free dialling Enhanced phone feature:


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