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Jodorowsky, el prolífico autor sobre tarot y magia, y Mœbius, pilar del cómic europeo, invirtieron 8 años para dar a luz su obra magna. páginas que. Title: El incal 02 el incal luz moebius esp, Author: Mario Cabeza, Name: El incal 02 el incal luz moebius esp, Length: 50 pages, Page: 1. : Dragon Pocket numero El incal luz: Autor/es: Moebius y Jodorowsky Editorial: Ediciones B. Coleccion. Fecha Edicion: edicion

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Although Janjetov had his own style, he was influenced by Moebius and imitated him. View all 10 comments. His father chooses remodeling.

As I said at the start, it had some good ideas The entire plot consists of everyone doing whatever the Incal says, John complains about it, and ljz either a Incl decides to help because the girl he likes tricks him into it, b the girl he likes says she will sleep with him if he does it, d the Incal takes over his body and makes him do heroic things, rendering him completely passive, or c he doesn’t do anything and things just seem to work out on their own without him doing anything.

As the darkness is overcome, DiFool is brought before Orh, the fatherlike divinity, who tells him he must remember what he witnessed. The plot line drags towards the end.

Ali hvatam se ipak knjiga: Really the only way to keep up with it is to give it the benefit of every doubt; not good practice when religion is the topic!

The Incal is then sought by many factions: Protagonists are lacking likeability and motivation. It was nice to see the art by Moebius. So, yeah read it.

Ultimately, I can’t take Jodorowski’s writing style. Dark Incalbut the movie was never made. Ell Few Questions for Alejandro Jodorowsky”. Moebius dimostra il suo valore, con una serie di splendide splash pages, e in generale un livello davvero alto. Dec 13, Diego Fernandez villa rated it it was ok. The story was in many ways a jumbled mess, and it seemed that Alejandro Jodorowsky had too many ideas that he was trying to play around with all at once. Rolling Stone magazine in “The 50 Best Non-Superhero Graphic Novels” list placed the original volume as 30, calling it “one of the great comics team-ups”.


Great art, awful writing. The story follows young DiFool living in demimonde. The entire plot consists of everyone doing whatever the Incal says, John complains about it, and then either a John decides to help because the girl he likes tricks him into it, b the girl h I really wanted to like The Incal, and there are parts I really like!

DiFool forgets about the cosmic encounter, and recovers his memory as the universe faces a threat of a metallic virus. Finally, Moebius lua to do After the Incalbut beside his illness at the time he had a different style, and Incwl was not satisfied inca, the overall work. But happiness is not that, it’s not your glasses. The Final Incal is kind kuz a call for revolt to organize life in a different way, because as individuals people are mortal, but as humanity itself they are immortal.

El incal / The Incal

The tone shifts rather wildly too. The lux is confusing. Animah an allusion to animathe keeper of the Light Incal, seeks it as well. I just didn’t like this. To learn that others exist, to live together and give, that there is continuity only as part of humanity as a whole. Sve u svemu OK. Boring characters make a boring story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As Inczl falls away, he finds himself where he was at the beginning, falling down the shaft.

El Incal: Integral

If it hadn’t been for the art, I probably wouldn’t even have bothered writing a review. I’m not saying its bad, well a little, it was just to rapid with hurtles and solutions but the maim plot goes on forever. I was really hoping to love this. Moebius’s art is astounding, but Jodorowsky’s story is trash. It’s what you are able to see.


He soon finds that his prostitute mother devoted herself to growing amorine, a drug ical restores the ability to love. Other then that I would say that the story’s not so great, but the artwork is quite good. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I might come back later and give examples, but there kncal so m Um Too metaphysical and too lowbrow at the same time. Uglavnom projekt je propao i roman je na kraju ekranizirao David Lynch. The publishers sued Luc Bessondirector of The Fifth Elementclaiming that the film borrowed graphic and story elements from The Incal oncal, but lost their case. It starts in medias res with DiFool tossed off by a masked group from the Suicide Alley down to the great acid lake, luckily saved by a police cruiser.

His fans have included John Lennon and Marilyn Manson. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Incal ” “.

El incal / The Incal : Alejandro Jodorowsky :

This would have been better as a silent art book. If you have wonderful glasses but don’t know how to see what’s in front of you, then that technological tool is useless”. Inin an interview by France Inter it was announced that Nicolas Winding Refn is working as a director on a live-action movie adaptation of The Incal[35] but it appeared to have been a rumor that Winding Refn dismissed in On the planet Ter21 there are two social classes: Preview — El Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky.


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