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Baphomet Solve et Coagula Ceremony | Page 1 of 4 Store Texts of the .. Apiano Leon Valiente – El Alquimico Baphomet Templario. Quizás uno de los símbolos más incomprendidos sea el de Baphomet ya que pues su significado es alquímico y representa la materia prima con la que se Los Templarios fueron perseguidos en base a calumnias, que los acusaban de. Muchos investigadores de la historia de los Templarios y los Masones han . sobre la cabeza de Baphomet que se dice que los templarios lo adoraban.

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Post on Baphomer 30 views. This ritual works with the Levi concept of Baphomet expressed by the phrase Solve Et Coagula which translates to dissolve and reform. This ritual utilizes my experience of dissolution in a stepwise ritual that ends in creation of a new form. This requires some experience with servitor creation, evocation, banishing, andsub-modality work NLP. This should be considered an intermediate to advanced ritual. Baphomet is such a complicated entity that I can’t even tempoario a short introduction.

Just do a google search when you have a couple hours. Needless to say, this ritual calls for working with Baphomet as referenced by Levis phrase, not the satanic version nor the monstrous version. Before doing this ritual, all participants should have a positive group purpose. This is a multipurpose ritual and does have to be adapted to different ritual purposes. Each participant should have an issue in their lives that they are willing to transmute. We have performed this ritual with several deep seated issues.

This ritual will personify those issues into external entities. More on this technique for those who have not had the alquiimico to attend the workshops in person can be found in the book Hands On Chaos Magic by Andrieh Vitimus. This represents the often unedited and daily work of the magician and priest Andrieh Vitimus. Restarting the blog, now that I can. Small table Ritual Robes are helpful.

Fire extinguisher remember- safety first! Each participant should bloody a piece of black paper extensively, using the lancets before the ritual begins. Be careful and no stabbing your fellow ritualists! Each participant should be placed around the table and cauldron in a circle. Ritual robes are helpful. Because of the presence of an open and continuous flame, ritual nudity is not recommended for this.

Banish by your preferred method.

Hands On Chaos Magic has several available. To dissolve a negative aspect of our lives and create a new entity to Do X Participants: Pick up their black piece of paper, and start using random speech glossolalia.

They should imagine the black baphpmet as an endless plane much like the mirrors that trapped General Zodin Superman II. As they continue to use the glossolalia they should see, feel, hear, and even smell memories of the issue troubling them and imagine all of that flowing into the plane created by the blood and black paper. They should continue with the glossolalia as they hold the paperfilling with the vibe and memories that are attached to the issue they are transmuting.

The Glossolalia should continue until each participant gets stuck chanting a name for the entity that represents the issue.

They should at this point continue to chant the name of the entity they discovered while allowing a form, possibly a sigil, or even more appearing before them, while imaging the entity inside the paper. Once they have fully evoked the entity into the paper, they should place the paper inside the cauldron and continue to evoke the entity now trapped on the paper in the cauldron. Evocation of this sort is more fully covered in Hands On Chaos Magic.


While the participants are creating their entities, the celebrant will draw Chaos stars 8 pointed stars over the table at each line of the following Enochian: On each line of the Enochian, the Celebrant should imagine with all 5 of their senses, the chaos star being drawn and becoming crackling and powerful lightning in all directions that fork out and thunderstrike and empowers each participant while helping them dislodge the entity and issue from their lives.

The Celebrant will continue with the Invocation of Chaos repeatedly until each participant has placed their entity within the cauldron. At this point, the celebrant will keep going with the Invocations of chaos and imagining with all five of their senses the chaos star appearing above the cauldron and then acting as a electric fence holding the entities within the cauldron.

All participants will use all five of their senses to imagine Baphomet descending into the Cauldron while seething and chanting IO Baphomet, purposely out of sync with each other. Once the fire is lit, they will imagine with all 5 of their senses that Baphomet will be evoked into the flame mounting the fire. At this point the Celebrant will pour the or other alcoholic substance into the cauldron, and light this on fire. A few important points here- USE your common sense.

Speaking from years of experience and a few charring moments in time- DO have the fire extinguisher ready, and DO be sure to use a long lighter. At this point, the Celebrant will fully evoke Baphomet into the flames, by poetically and emotively stating: In the third aeon, You were the Dark One, the Devil. In the fourth aeon, Men know you not, for You are the Hidden One. In this new aeon, You appear before us as Baphomet.

The God before all gods who shall endure to the end of the Earth!

Valiente Echaniz’s Documents

This is modified from Slquimico Carroll again, to be an evocation as opposed to an invocation. The celebrant should be able to get into a deep trance state and when they are convinced that Baphomet has been evoked into the flames, they should ask Baphomet to dissolve the entities in the cauldron through the fire.

This is a type of talismanic mounting into a fire, originally Andriehs experience of this technique derives from Hindu religious sources. At this point, all should continue to chant Baphomet while imagining the various troubling entities being dissolve, transmuted and burning in an bapjomet fire that begins to reduce them to a potent magical sludge. Everyone should continue to chant Baphomet even as the fire dies out.

People may feel that part of themselves that is dying or dissolving- this is perfectly natural. Once the Fire is templafio. Once the fire is out, the celebrant will gather the ash and literal sludge from the cauldron and add it to the red paint while continuing to chant Baphomet.

When all the ash and sludge has been mixed with the red paint. This mixture should look like primordial blood. The color of paint is largely optional for aesthetic reasons. It should be noted that depending on what the new egregore is for, herbs, stones and other powders can be alquimicco to the paint mixture to strengthen the group purposed egregore in its new purpose.

The celebrant should continue chanting Baphomet while seeing, feeling, sensing Baphoment to help form the new egregore. All participants should focus their chanting and energy on the sl being mixed. At this point, participants familiar with Baphomet should shift into a highly creative energy which essentially means pure sexual kundalini energy by seething.


If you need help with this, basic anchoring techniques are covered in Hands On Chaos Magic. At this point the celebrant should go into Glossolalia, while the increased sexual energy of the paint leads towards a birthing.

When baphmoet celebrant gets stuck on a name through glossolalia, they will write that name on the parchment imagining that they are taking that primal blood to pull together a new templlario for the preestablished purpose.

Once the name is written, all participants will continue to excitedly chant the egregores name over the parchment. At this point the celebrant will try to scry a sigil and a form for the entity if they havent already. Everyone will continue chanting the name of the entity visualizing it being evoked over the parchment until they are unable alqjimico continue. At which point, all participants will banish by laughter.

Here is a picture of the last time we did this ritual altar picture http: We also transubtiated the wine into the “Blood of dissolution” as a talismonic way to allow for people to dissolve issues or energy blocks later. This aspect of the ritual is a little beyond the scope of the ritual release but is certainly advanced level magical training offered by the Quantum Life Science Institute.

The group of magicians that I work with and students of the Quantum Life Science Institute have done variations of this ritual several times. This is a far more difficult ritual than it seems and participants generally do experience phenomenon such as temperature changes, radical room pressure changes, various extreme body sensations etc. This ritual does require some competency with Evocation.

Hands On Chaos Magic has the training set baphonet to acquire skill in this area. Andrieh does run semi-private monthly trainings as well.

About Andrieh VitimusAndrieh Vitimus first book, Hands On Chaos Magic, is an internationally acclaimed masterpiece of practical magic as well as a meaty tome on self-transformation. He is the founder of the Quantum Life Science Institute, a multidisciplinary think tank dedicated to developing individuals and companies through training on the use of solid cognitive science, NLP, hypnotic marketing principles, effective change management, self-transformation, metaphysical principles, persuasion, and other aspects integrating active and meaningful spirituality with results driven transformation.

Andriehs clients become successful. Andrieh has recently decided to make the Quantum Life Science Institute public and carry the specialized lifecoaching to the general public to begin the process of cultural transformation needed in our current difficult economic times. In addition, Andrieh holds a formal degree in psychology and computer science. Andrieh has the technical mindset, social and metaphysical skills, and drive to transform the lives and business of his students and client companies that hire him.

Andriehs bleeding edge metaphysics has lead to the development of a unique system of being called Reality Artistry. Advanced members of the Quantum Life Science Institute will soon be teaching beginning courses in areas across the country.

Pierre Barbet – Ciclul Baphomet – 1. Imperiul Lui Baphomet

Get more info at http: Support the local stores and ask them to order it by name. If you do not have a local store, it is available here atHands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current, though Amazon. Post to FacebookFacebook social pluginor the Apple Store:


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