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Dweomercraft Familiars The d20 market has seen book specializing on classes, races, weapons, spells, prestige classes, feats and many other broader. Dweomercraft: Familiars. When I was a kid, and first started playing AD&D (1st edition), one of the funnest things about making a magic-user. Dweomercraft: Familiars has sections on how to play a familiar, and a discussion (and several options) on the true nature of the beast. The book then details.

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Each is also listed with a bonus the wizard or sorcerer gets from having this type of familiar. I can think of lots of reasons why I wouldn’t have an aquatic familiar – so appreciate some insight into why I might want to reconsider. Tempted by that feat slot yet?

I do like it much better then the Mongoose book Familiars: Seriously, I’m blown away. Reset Fields Log in. I’m even considering a one-shot campaign where one player takes on the role of a regular character with the other playiing his familiar.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The point here is that elves will tend to have different familiars from dwarves and dwarves will have different familiars from medusas. A necromancer with an undead familiar makes for a classic evil NPC, but its appropriateness for a PC in a typical campaign is more questionable.

I really like the idea of having the death of a familiar be just a penalty in experience. Those who are interested in brand-new familiars or familiar augmentations should be quite happy indeed with Dweomercraft: Ah yes, in typical Dark Quest thoroughness we look through more than just the vanilla fantasy player races.


The best part for those fans of everything with a stat, is that these familiars also come with full game stats as well as caster benefits. You have to be impressed when even a Kiwi is listed, and even a Koala bear. They offer the familiars personality and intelligence so that they become more then a scouting tool. Human women could find the kobold cute. Suggestions for origins of the familiar include being an essence of the wizard’s mind brought to life, a former construct given the spark of life, or the reincarnation of a wizard.

Other races such as drow, kobolds, orcs and so on are covered as well. Chapter 3 to 12 is where the meat of the book is, dedicated to various new types of familiars including Constructs perfect fit for EberronUndead, Oozes!!

After these opening ten pages of flavour, concept introduction and lead in come some pretty brazen ideas. Familiars is a lengthy pages. In the OGL it will list any sources that were used in this book. Tuesday, 3rd August, There are new origins for familiars too. Familiars isn’t quite the complete and final word on the subject.

Time for another dreaded Ennie review. Troll Lords also has a book on Familiars coming out and I can only hope that that one is a as good as this one. For each chapter there are two important discussions — reasons to have such a familiar and reasons not to have such a familiar.


Missing is caster cost in gold famiilars experience points.

Dweomercraft: Familiars

Guardian of the Gate. For each chapter there are two important discussions – reasons to have such a familiar and reasons not to have such a familiar. Join Date Jan Posts It has rules for how much gold and experience pints you have to spend and how long it takes to craft the familiar.

I’ve always had a soft spot for familiars. The art is a mixture of pieces that I like and do not like. There are new origins familiats familiars too.

Taking things to the next level wheels out the required Prestige Class. Personally, I am rarely a fan of the use of fiction like this. It is all down by the same person, Ceredywn. The pdf one though comes in a zip file that is under two and half megs fweomercraft size.

Dweomercraft: Familiars

It provides a little fiction of the familiar and master, reasons to choose that type of familiar, reasons not to choose it, how to handle and care for your familiar, different notes for your familiar, and special abilities your can buy, with experience points, for your familiar.

Here in Chapter Six you’ll find your blue jay, famiiliars, seagull and so on. Horses and Other Mounts and Death:


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