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DIN 50939 PDF

Buy DIN CORROSION PROTECTION; CHROMATING OF ALUMINIUM; PRINCIPLES AND METHODS OF TEST from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DIN Corrosion protection – Chromating of aluminium – Principles and methods of test. DIN › Complete Document History Corrosion protection .

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Din 50939 pdf

Alochrom L Standard range product. Thanks to an extensive colour palette your aluminium products will fit with every project. We have millions index of Ebook Files urls 50993 around the world.

This way you can be sure that your powder coated profiles and plates will keep their colour and shine for a long time. It is a product free of methylene chloride, phenols and cresols.

Powder coating

What is the advantage of chromalising? M Coat Standard range product. Aloclean SP Standard range product.

It prepares the surfaces ideally to further treatment. DAL PF is a liquid acid cleaner-deoxidizer which is used by immersion and spray plants, prior to further treatment such as Dib and chrome free finishing.

A further layer such as the powder lacquering increases the resistance of the surface protection system even further. It prepares the surfaces ideally to further treatment such as Chromating and Chrome free finishing. Surf Pass C is a new generation, environmentally friendly conversion coating that replaces classic Chromating for Aluminium alloys and Zinc alloys. Ecoclean A L is a liquid low alkalinity degreasing suitable for Aluminium and its alloys. However, a missing threshold does not mean that the substance is harmless.


When is it necessary to chromalise? DIN Chromating aluminium Principles and testing Describes the principles of chromating aluminium substrates and specifies methods of testing the chromate coatings.

Most backordered items can be rushed in from the publisher in as little as 24 hours. The composition of the product prevent the deposition of reaction products on the walls of the bath, the heat exchangers and the Spray nozzles.

It dissolves the polyester powder coatings quickly, leaving no trace of them, making aluminum profiles, parts and metal objects ready to be reworked. Yellow chromalising is certainly the most commonly used kind of chromalising. M Coat is a new generation, environmentally friendly conversion coating suitable for Steel H. The term chromalising describes the application of a protective layer in order to protect aluminium and zinc surfaces.

Thus, it is in the applicator’s and supervisory authorities’ hands to observe and enforce the applicable laws regarding handling chrome 5093.


Yellow chromating – English

There are various ways of chromalising. Surf Pass C is based on Mo complex salts and shows lower toxicity than chrome-free products based on Ti, Zr and Silanes. Small idn fit perfectly into our horizontal lines, where colour settings can be modified extremely quickly.

The average chromalising time is roughly seconds. Alochrom B Standard range product. In Stock Need it fast? Deoxal AerO Standard range product. And we continue to be members of the Technical and Executive Committee of this globally recognised quality organisation. It is based on Fluorotitanic acid, it is suitable for spraying. The post extrusures are provided with symetrical fixing runners for the fitting of fixing nuts, giving a wide DIN Edition, September Chromalising in the company Leistner.

Chromate coatings contain chromic acid. New generation biodegradable product, free of borate and phosphate salts, creates hydrophilic surfaces without attacking Aluminum. What does the scrap car directive mean in relation to chromalising?


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