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DIGITECH Artist GSP Manual Online: Specifications. Digital Conversions: A /D Converter 18 bit, x oversampled delta-sigma stereo D/A. GSP Artist Studio Tube Preamp / Multi-Effects Processor Owner’s Manual. WARNING. CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN. FOR YOUR . Find one here: html.

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Table of contents Electromagnetic Compatibility Lithium Battery Warning Table Of Contents Section 1 – Introduction About The Gsp Artist Section 2 djgitech The Basics Active Speaker Compensator Control One Foot Controller Bypassing The Accessing The Tuner Section 3 – Editing Effects Fx Library Buttons Selecting And Modifying Parameters Assigning Parameters To Function Keys Using The Distortions Analog 7-band Geq Section 3 – Editing Effects cont Why Are There Mixers Section 4 – Algorithm Usage Using The [test] Button Constructing User Algorithms Memory Usage Information Algorithm Construction Hints Adding Fx Modules Deleting Individual Mahual Modules Deleting All Fx Modules Step-by-step simple Example Linking audio Path Routing Storing An Algorithm Seamless Program Changes ppc Users Only Section 5 – The Gsp And Midi Main Midi Receive Channel Send Front Panel Program Change Maximum Links Per Program Linked Parameter Example Display Active Linked Parameter About Sysex Dumps digitecu System Sysex Data Program Sysex Data Midi Program Load Type Configuring The Pedalboard Assigning Programs To Footswitches Gsp Artist Owner’s Manual Other Footswitch Functions Assigning Midi To Expression Pedals Assign Cc Number Cc Transmit Channel Other Pedalboard Tidbits Programming Set List Section 7 – Other Utilities Stereo Output Modes Seamless Program Change Times Section 8- Advanced Applications Using The For Studio Processing Alternate Set Up Configurations About Sysex Documentation Section 9 – Appendix Harmony Interval Charts Memory Usage Chart Factory Algorithm Diagrams Factory Program List Midi Implementation Chart Audio Block Diagram Don’t have an account?



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