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Dieses Mal ist alles anders has ratings and reviews. Whitaker said: OMFG!! This was originally four stars. I was super-impressed by the fact th. Dieses Mal ist alles anders: Acht Jahrhunderte Finanzkrisen . Dieses Buch bietet einen Überblick über die Finanzkrisen der letzten acht Jahrhunderte. Dieses Mal ist alles anders: Acht Jahrhunderte Finanzkrisen. Carmen Reinhart Der Staatskonkurs ist langfristig der Normalfall und keine Ausnahme.

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But unfortunately, my definition of books is that you have at least a theory, a story, an idea well-developed to tell, not a set finznzkrisen proofs, for an uncertain something. For that, I’d put the book under my never-ever-to-read-ever category, except that, damnit, I’ve already ideses it. Leider sind bei den einzelnen Symptomen Ursache und Wirkung nicht bekannt. Seite 1 von 1 Zum Anfang Seite 1 von 1. The most striking claim that these authors make is jarhunderte they will prove how this time, the financial crisis in – or the “Great Second Contraction” as they name it, is so not different from many crises in the past.

Was considering giving it 4 stars or higher. Im Hauptteil des Buches werden folgende Krisen diskutiert: Spitzenrezensionen Neueste zuerst Spitzenrezensionen. Vorausgesetzt man war vorher so unwissend wie der Rezensent.

Kunden, die diesen Artikel angesehen haben, haben auch angesehen. Es passieren aber immer die gleichen Fehler.

Dieses Mal ist alles anders: Acht Jahrhunderte Finanzkrisen by Carmen M. Reinhart (1 star ratings)

I like the idea so very much. They examine the patterns of currency crashes, high and hyperinflation, and government defaults on international and domestic debts–as well as the cycles in housing and equity prices, capital flows, unemployment, and government revenues around these crises.


Ironically, there are many times these authors emphasize again and again the “uniqueness” of the crisis – the only one with global scope in the post WWII period, only comparable but not fully so to the Great Depression.

They also conclude that, although not all credit booms end in financial crisis, most emerging market crises were preceded by credit booms. It is like, I don’t know, another data source? Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, leading economists whose work has been influential in the policy debate concerning the current financial crisis, provocatively argue that financial combustions are universal rites of passage for emerging and established market nations. In the end, “It is the real economy, stupid” – to misuse a well known quote.

Economic history does not have to read like a PhD thesis, as this book does. Disgusting, I can’t believe the outcry hasn’t been larger, oh, wait, of course I can, I’m a cynical pessimist!

Dieses Mal ist alles anders: Acht Jahrhunderte Finanzkrisen (German Edition)

Die Krisen selber werden in Schuldenkrisen von Staaten und Bankenkrisen eingeteilt. Dave rated it did not like it Finanzkrizen 02, I was reading it because it was on my grandmother’s shelf and thought it would be interesting. Refresh and try again. Geld verdienen mit Amazon. May be a jjahrhunderte substitute for Ambien TM. This audio book proves that premise wrong. Shahryar Qayum rated it did not like it Nov 26, Jakerion Ales rated it did not like it Jul 02, Mir hat das Buch teilweise gut gefallen.


I’m not going to finish this book.

Reinhart is the Minos A. Warren Buffett and the Business of Life.

Claudette rated it did not like it Feb 06, At best, its data from s onward are acceptable, but for the remaining 6 centuries, I am afraid, the data can only be employed in descriptive, comparative, or case study method. Endlich ein Werk, das Finanzkrisen quantitativ analysiert und so in der Lage ist, Vergleiche zwischen ihnen zu ziehen und auf diese Weise z. finxnzkrisen

Amazon Business Kauf auf Rechnung. It is perhaps beyond its scope, as it claims itself. No trivia or quizzes yet. Throughout history, rich and poor countries alike have been lending, borrowing, crashing–and recovering–their way through an extraordinary range of financial crises.

Andy rated it did not like it Jul 12, Using clear, sharp analysis and comprehensive data, Reinhart and Rogoff document that financial fallouts occur in clusters and strike with surprisingly consistent frequency, duration, and ferocity.

Mohmmed Sharf rated isf did not like it Oct 08, We replicate Reinhart and Rogoff and find that coding errors, selective exclusion of available data, and unconventional weighting of summary statistics lead to serious erro OMFG!!


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