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La broma infinita has ratings and reviews. Fabian said: Anybody who completes Infinite Jest automatically receives a medal. Really. Just r. La broma infinita has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: I should have hated this book. pages of small text with loooooonnnnggggg paragr. La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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All of the cast are broken people, damaged by family, substances, and tennis pick two or three. When I finally shut the book for the last time, I was left with an odd, anesthetized feeling. I have never felt a greater sense of relief at completing a book. Then he starts telling you these horrible stories, one after another, of abuse and animal mutilation and death.

I mean, it was a slow-motion run, given that I started this back in December and read brmoa very, very slowly. I am, however, very glad I came back to it and do not at all regret the long hours I put into finishing it.

A book is a better thing to chat with than anything else on the planet. Open Preview See a Problem?

After all, it is a book where pages of endnotes have their own footnotes. For me though the most annoying thing was the characters ignoring each other, so caught up in their own little world that they end up have different fostsr at the same time.

La broma infinita / Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace | : Books

Preview — La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace. And what’s more, is often able to make them so real so valid, and often so sad, that they could almost wander off and become little novels of their own. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. I’m willing to entertain spectacular off-the-wall theories as well.

War and Peace or even newer buzz-books likethere is some unspoken expectation or pressure to either declare them masterpieces or to register some pretty significant disappointment.


The structure of the story itself, opening with a stunning conflict that it never circles back on. I’ve been steadily chipping away at this behemoth for two months and now it’s over. How about all those compound possessives? Firstly on the challenges involved in reading it – it does require concentration and attention to detail, but at least for me I felt that attempting to look up everything I didn’t fully understand would disrupt the flow too m Reading a book this complex and full of ideas in just two weeks is not an ideal basis for a review that adds anything to the wealth of opinion already available, so I’ll get my apology out of the way and say that this is not a formal review, just a few personal impressions.

The book is drum-tight and relentlessly smart, and though it does not wear its heart on its sleeve, it’s deeply felt and incredibly moving. The bad become good, and those who seem immune from straying can succumb.

La broma infinita / Infinite Jest

But reading it requires a very tough discipline and some other skills. I’m not sure about the answer to these questions. The film, so entertaining to its viewers that they lose all interest in anything other than viewing it and thus eventually die, was James Incandenza’s final work.

This is why they started us here so young: If you’re planning to write a book that’s over a thousand pages long, you should try to come up with an especially satisfying ending. I could write a massive essay on this book I typed 12 pages of notes as I read alongbut there is virtually an entire industry dedicated to its deciphering and tons of discussions and essays about it on the internet — including a number of very good reviews of it on Goodreads, so I will spare you all of that though I fear I may have failed; read on.

I’m not going to put any footnotes in my review though because every other person on goodreads has done that and it’s just not clever anymore. The futuristic America created in Infinite Jest feels very much like western society now, just with the increased corporate involvement but that is the way the world is heading. My favorite book, yeah I just actively have one and it has been since I was 15 about I thinkis the stranger by albert camus. Blending serious topics with an awkward sense of humour is balanced perfectly, and I highly recommend reading Infinite Jest; even if it is only to increase your pretentious levels.


If you say I.

I feel like I just ran head-on into the brick wall that is Infinite Jestand my head isn’t quite clear enough to figure out what I thought yet. You can’t just stop the book because you’ve reached some kind of trees-per-volume limit the publisher might have imposed. The closest thing to a positive or redemptive moment occurs near the end of the book when the severely challenged yet oddly innocent Mario extends the hand of friendship to a disillusioned Barry Loach; Mario seems to be the exception that proves the rule.

Which, of course, led me to the Gang of I looked for some notes and found about four or five websites that were helpful but at the same time it became stressing because there was not a single sentence that I read and thought there was something obscure about it and I had to look it up, otherwise it would be like getting dressed in the dark.

From a literary standpoint, DFW is one of the most technically accomplished writers ever; he has the largest vocabulary, the most analytically complete understanding of arcane rules of grammar; but a good book is not driven by technical proficiency alone. Against all odds, redemption is possible but so is its opposite.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I always intended to frustrate you.


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