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ICAD // Ref. Colour. Description. A. Black. –. Common Alarm. B. Brown. –. ICM fully open. C. Red. –. ICM fully closed. D. Orange. –. GND ground. E. 5a, ICM + ICAD A/ICAD A-TS mm in. H. L3. 1. ICAD A. Fig. 5b, ICM + ICAD A. Note: When mounting the. ICAD make sure to push. ICAD A / A actuators, for ICM motorised valves. Housing: part of ICAD: PBT thermo t temperature range: –30°C/+50°C.

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Icad – Actuator 2nd Generation. The valve should be cleaned internally to remove welding debris on completion of welding and before the valve is reassembled.

Danfoss Climate Icad – Actuator 2nd Generation. Danfoss accepts no responsibility for errors and omissions. It is important to remove the seat fig.

ICAD 600TS for ICMTS motorised valves

ICMTS valves must not be mounted in systems where the outlet side of the valve is open to atmosphere. Be aware that the valve can be under pressure from both sides and that the manual magnet tool fig. Danfoss Kp7abs High Pressure Switch.

Check icsd the cone has been fully screwed back towards the top cover before it is mounted in the valve body. After welding, the external surface around the connections of the valve body must be protected to prevent against corrosion with a suitable coating.


If further jcad protection is required, the valves can be painted. In cases of doubt, please contact Danfoss. Keep up the good work Magnet coupling must icaf protected. Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration reserves the right to make changes to products and specifications without prior notice. Parts and Spares Supplies.

Secondly, MyTubs customer service was excellent – they kept in constant correspondence, letting me know about my order, its progress and keeping me updated about delivery. Danfozs Industrial Valves and Accessories. A small amount of refrigeration oil on both O-rings can make the insert easier to install into the valve body. Regin Accessories and Miscellaneous.

Danfoss ICAD Servo Motor ** | eBay

Ics – Function Module h Replacement of the function module – Remove the old module. Anatomy of the Heart. We were happy with the purchasing process, it was only the delay in receiving a delivery date that caused us a problem as we had a building project on and there was a chance that we needed to reschedule other tradesman.

Regin Sensors And Switches. Scv Stop Valve – Packing Gland. Overall, a great customer experience, I would not hesitate to recommend MyTub and the team to anyone.

Danfoss Icad – Actuator h Danfoss Pm Main Valve f Welding or soldering fig. Use the manual magnetic tool fig.

The outlet side of the valve must always be connected to the system or properly capped off, such as the case with a welded-on end plate.


I was very pleased with your service and would use you again. Fast deliveries Nationwide UK distribution delivery network Local pickup if required Professional Human Service Pre sales tech advice Second to none after sales service This icad – actuator 2nd generation H is a genuine branded product Worldwide export if required Read what the experts, our customers have to say above. As it happened the goods danfkss on the date that they were eventually promised for.

Just want to say excellant service with a decent delivery service for the home DIYer.

Icad – Actuator 2nd Generation buy online at trade prices. The Heart – ccbbiology.

Drawings are icwd for illustration, not for dimensioning or construction. Scv Stop Valve – Repair Kit. You have no items in your trolley. Use only original Danfoss parts, including o-rings and gaskets for replacement. Danfoss Thermostats and Switches.

In the event that the function modules are to be left disassembled for any length of time, please ensure that the function modules are further protected by placing in a polyethylene bag or by applying a rust protection agent e.

Materials of new parts ucad certified for the relevant refrigerant.


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