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DA PAM 600-4 PDF

Department of the Army Pamphlet DA PAM Army Medical Department Officer Professional Development and Career Management September Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering DA PAM –3. Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management. This administrative revision, dated 6 August

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Hold the rifle diagonally across the body about 4 inches from the belt, with the right forearms horizontal and the elbows close to the sides Figure Being neat and well-groomed contributes to the esprit in your unit.

In serving your country, you are doing your duty loyally, without thought of recognition or gain. Sergeant Benavidez secured the classified documents and made his way back to the wreckage, where he aided the wounded out of the overturned aircraft, and gathered the stunned survivors into a defensive perimeter.

You are now in the military. On the command, “Parade rest,” the soldier — a. An individual who properly demonstrates the value of selfless service does the following: EO Complaint Process Individuals are encouraged to attempt to resolve their complaints by confronting the alleged offender or by informing other appropriate officials about the offensive behavior or other allegations of unequal or unfair treatment.

Order arms attention position. Regardless of the maximum punishment specified for an offense in Part IV of the Manual for Courts Martial; a dishonorable discharge may be adjudged for any offense of which a warrant officer who is not commissioned has been found guilty. CPT McConnell assessed priorities for care of the evacuees and worked exhaustively with a medical team to care for them.


It is also appropriate for an accused who has been convicted repeatedly of minor offenses and whose punitive separation appears to be necessary.

Full text of “TRADOC Pamphlet Soldier’s Handbook (Basic Initial Entry Training)”

The command is “Port, arms. As soldiers, it is your responsibility to report any action that would affect the readiness of your unit. Someone to stay with the person – Don’t leave the person alone. If you are in formation, salute 6004- on the order “Present arms.

Unless otherwise stated, each of these crimes carries a maximum penalty, in addition to confinement, a dishonorable discharge, and forfeiture of all pay and allowances. The helmet contains a suspension system of cotton webbing. Gruber who eventually rose to the rank of brigadier general.

Military discipline is developed through individual and group training to create a mental attitude ad will result in proper lam and prompt obedience to lawful military authority. Only enlisted personnel may be tried by summary court-martial. CQ, Staff duty officer, chaplain, doctor, nurse, friend, family, crisis line. What are my choices? A forfeiture deprives the individual accused, or all or a specific amount, of money to be accrued earned in the future as a result of service in the armed forces of the United States.

Slightly raises left heel and right toe and turns 90 degrees to the right on right heel, assisted by a slight pressure on the ball of the left foot.

F.R.E.E [D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D] Department of the Army Pamphlet DA PAM 600-4 Army Medical Department

With intent permanently to deprive or defraud another person of the use and benefit of property or to appropriate it to his own use of the use of any person other than the owner, steals that property and is guilty of larceny; or b. This spirit of selfless service and duty is built on a soldier’s personal trust and regard for fellow soldiers.


In that case, go to his superior. Pivots on the ball of the left foot 90 degrees to the right, and at the same time steps off with the right foot in the direction of march; continues to march. Composed of one commissioned officer on active duty with the rank of Captain or above. Right face will be executed in the very same way as left face, simply substituting right for left and left for right.

Rest Position with M16A2 Rifle. Three helicopters attempted extraction, but were unable to land due to intense enemy small arms and anti-aircraft fire. Holds sling with right hand, keeping the forearm horizontal and the weapon vertical. At the same time, move the left hand to the small of the stock and guide the weapon to your shoulder.

The Army is an organization of people, and its success is based on their ability to perform in an environment of mutual respect, dignity, and fair treatment. The Army’s fraternization policy prohibits personal relationships between officer and enlisted personnel regardless of their service.


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