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Cushcraft X-7 product reviews by real people like you. I have owned 3 of these X7’s antennas, and they are by far one of the best triband antennas I have. Here I have some photos of how I converted two cushcraft Hf antennas into a Homebrewed version of the Cushcraft X7. Additional material was bought. X7 BIG THUNDER TRIBANDER YAGI The X7 Triband Yagi is geared to set new standards in both radiating performance and mechanical.

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The product development team has employed the latest computer modeling technology to d7 a superior electrical design as well as elegant new mechanical hardware and assembly techniques.

Traps were eliminated from the high current driven elements and reflectors using the new 4L Log Cell design, which yields virtual monoband performance and maximum power handling capability.


Traps are employed only in the lower current directors for increased gain and sharper pattern.

The result is a dushcraft high performance antenna which will easily handle the legal limit. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Cushcraft Amateur Radio Antennas

A Stormy New Year Celebration: Top Five Amateur Radio Reviews of Boom Diameter, in cm. Mast Dia in cm. Maximum Front to Back Ratio dB.

Maximum Gain dBi 20M. Maximum Gain dBi 10M.

Cushcraft Laird X7 and X9 Antennas

Maximum Gain dBi 15M. Maximum Power Handling kw.

Number of Elements per Band. Wind Surface Area ft m sq.

Wind Survival mph kph. Windload 80 mph, lb kg.


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