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Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story [Clive Barker] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Film’s most popular action hero needs a place. [Clive Barker] is a mapmaker of the mind, charting the farthest reaches of the imagination.”— Share This Title: Coldheart Canyon. Read a Sample. A novel written by Clive Barker, Coldheart Canyon centers around a failing action hero who goes in for plastic surgery in an attempt to revitalize his career.

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Apr 20, Adam Nelson rated it did not like it. By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 10 July note – full text here. It’s a book about Hollywood. No longer is he able to make the big bucks for the tough-guy movies; what he needs is to revamp himself and present clivee new and improved Todd Pickett to the world.

Outrageous and nearly criminal sexual acts don’t make vain, god-like pseudo-villains likable. The woman he meets is unlike anyone he’s ever known, and her pull at his soul is a strong one.

Barker’s ability to blend natural beauty with repulsive horror is here in Coldheart Canyon. The procedure goes horribly, grotesquely wrong. This would have been a better book if Clive Barker didn’t write it. The ccoldheart are very well written too was this ever made into a film? I don’t want to barkwr too much away, but I’m delighted to be able to say that the book is going to contain a very strong lesbian monster and a range of sexual tastes that will be startling bsrker to those already familiar with the eroticism in my work.

It does say something about the way the writers and artists are treated.

Clive on Coldheart Canyon

It’s a – page book, pages probably. Clive Barker is a sick man. Assembled from thousands of painted tiles, that room—brought to California in the s from an ancient monastery in Romania—is literally alive with evil; the tiles depict a world that mortals may enter, and within which the Queen of Hell has condemned a nobleman to hunt forever, or until he entraps her son.


With an intentionally muddled feel to the early pages of the book, the pieces of the storyline quickly start to weave themselves together until the storyline is firmly set on its way. Later, we have a moment when Todd makes a very public escape into the Pacific and then a bit later he’s back at the canyon with a hasty story of how he pulled off the escape, and it too felt sort of cheap.

However in the basement of this house is something special, something from a bygone time centuries old, taken from the hidden hinterlands of Romania. The sections that take place there are exciting, even if the writing quality is lacking. The latter book made an especially big impression, so much so that I remember reading it aloud to my college girlfriend, savoring again the chance to immerse myself in its story and characters.

Books of the Week. It is very strange. I feel like I am often complaining about the unnecessary length of books in this genre. It’s the only part of the narrative that made me actually care for this guy. Titles stay in my head and I play with them and play with them and eventually I’m certain of them. Tammie, the chubby founder of Todd’s fanclub who is in love with himgets hints of his new whereabouts, and is looking for him through the desert nearby Hollywood.

Keep that in mind when choosing an Audio Book.

Coldheart Canyon (Literature) – TV Tropes

Every now and then, you need an outlet. Paperbackpages. The best parts of the book are the most restrained, and some of the sex and violence are so needless and extraneous barekr they take away from the enjoyment.

Lord knows I’ve read sick, grand guignol stuff before. Barker soon unleashes a magical glimpse of the dark, depraved and damn right sadistic underbelly of Hollywood.

In all his years of traveling and collecting he’d never seen anything quite like this. This book scared me a little.

The story has about five climaxes and that’s just structurally; being Barker, i Coldheart Canyon is the ultimate example of an immense and graphic imagination finding no moderation, patience, or substance. Barker has written books this long or longer and they had more punch, better characters, and didn’t FEEL as long as they were.


This seemingly unconnected subplot, soon takes dominance over the storyline, allowing the otherwise dishevelled remaining pieces of story to merge around its main thrust. The unknown surgeon makes a mistake and this goes wrong.

Todd’s biggest xoldheart, Tammy Lauper, worried by the sudden disappearance of her idol starts a search for Todd and she creates, without knowing it, what is likely to be the only chance for redemption Todd has left. If you enjoy the narker please consider a small donation towards the cost of the upkeep and development of SFBook. Maybe it was the only thing Barker had left out and had to find some way of fitting it in… Secondly, the sex.

When Todd hasn’t been seen in cokdheart week she flies from Sacremento to L. We were trying to get the canyon, we were trying to get the house, we were trying to get the lights of L. And, on occasion, which I could read on the pages of The National Enquirer. It takes itself too seriously to be decent satire. There are many things about Hollywood I love, and I want to make sure the book expresses my love-hate relationship”.

Coldheart Canyon by Clive Barker

When I did Galilee, which had coldhart black hero, that was a surprise. His fiercely loyal agent finds him just such a place in a luxurious forgotten mansion high in the Hollywood Hills. His retreat from the glare of publicity takes him to a place that no map of Hollywood has ever described: Too many ideas, both good and bad, mixed with little substance, not enough Barker-mythology, and no editing.

A very weak and sloppily written story, barekr on a fairly interesting idea. Some things are impossible to describe without them sounding ridiculous; in those cases, less is more, but Barker pulls out all the stops and writes like a far less mature writer who just wants to be EXTREME.


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