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Röchling offers a comprehensive range of ESD materials • A favourite experiment in the physics lesson is one where an electrostatic charge is applied to plastic. High-temperature cleanroom gloves, mid-temperature cleanroom gloves and acid resistant gloves mm, mm), thoroughly protect wrist area; Individually packaged in ESD-safe material File Type, File Name, Publication Date. Hardwall cleanrooms are as durable and rigid as a freestanding room. charges to ground, protecting against potentially damaging ESD (electrostatic discharge) as well as particulate contamination. .. File Type, File Name, Publication Date.

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Proteection Modular Cleanroom Styles. Models are available for single and double swing doors, with aluminum or stainless steel frames and several panel options. Dissipative layers are molecularly embedded for optimal durability. Quote and Order Carts. Control room pressure by fine-tuning IsoVent louver placement opening size. One required per cleanroom.

Center-Mount Panel Design Reduce the time and effort you spend spraying- or wiping-down cleanroom walls. The layout features 16 ISO-classified cleanroom spaces that are connected to the building’s HVAC system for humidity control and personnel comfort.

Polycarbonate resists many common acids, solvents and cleaning solutions.

Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

Your cleanroom takes on a “showcase” appearance while complying with stringent ISO levels. Edges are free of gaps, ensuring an airtight room that maintains positive or negative pressure. It breaks down into CO 2 and H 2 O. Single Door 81″H x 36″W x mm. Panels are positioned in the middle of frame-member widths for maximum stability.


They feature adjustable louvers to help control the volume of air leaving the enclosure one way to manage room pressure. If the panel on the left clings to this many test spheres, just imagine how many micro-particles it attracts!

Standard panels are clear, but black and amber panels are also available tinted panels may extend lead time. Positive-pressure air escapes from IsoVent wall openings featuring adjustable louvers. Dissipative PVC safely conducts these surface charges to ground, protecting against potentially damaging ESD electrostatic discharge as well as particulate contamination. Please edit your address or continue with your profile for free access. The appealing mirror-finish steel trim strips firmly hold panels in place along the center of frame-member depths.

Tempered Glass combines visual clarity with broad chemical resistance and non-porous surfaces for easy sterilization. Add options including environmental monitoring and data logging. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Space-saving furnishings keep cleanroom floors clear of table legs. To send to more recipients, please Log In.

On-Site Hardwall Cleanroom Installation Video showing installation of a hardwall, modular cleanroom at a customer site.

Static-Dissipative PVC Panels are recommended for the most contamination-sensitive applications because of their ability to control particles along with static charges. Sorry, we couldn’t find that email address. Blue Prices show stock on hand. So why pay to maintain that level of FFU performance when a production shift ends and people, the greatest source of contamination, leave the room? Call To Specify Configuration. Convert unclassified space into a cleanroom of any size or floor plan!


Framing, paneling and utilities are assembled according to the customer specifications. Standard model slides open from right to left; specify left to right slide, if desired.

ESD & Cleanroom Products | Anti Static ESD Products | Correct Products

Click any price to add to cart. These gloves are specially designed for use in wave-solder operations that require temperature tolerance, liquid resistance, and noncontaminating properties. How many FFUs and Lights? Actual average velocity and air changes required may vary depending on the application and floor plan, including ceiling height. This system includes top corner operation status indication OSI lights that display cleanroom status: Standard mounting is on right panel of shorter wall; specify other desired location.

The trim strips’ snug fit makes cleaning easy; fewer cracks to cleangoom particles or snag wipers. Measurement of extractables found no ionic contamination, and less than 1 percent nonvolatile residue.


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