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Clatronic BBA Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Clatronic BBA Instruction Manual. Find great deals for Clatronic BBA Brotbackautomat. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Download and view manual or user guide CLATRONIC BBA Bread baking machine online. Click here to go to download CLATRONIC BBA Bread.

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View a manual of the Clatronic BBA below. All manuals on ManualsCat. By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Have a question about the Clatronic BBA but cannot find the answer in the user manual? Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. By filling in the form below, your question will appear below the manual of the Clatronic BBA Please make sure that you describe your difficulty with the Clatronic BBA as precisely as you can.

The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. You will automatically be sent an e-mail to inform you when someone has reacted to your question. Clatronic BBA manual. Previous page Next page. English, German, Hungarian Ask a question.

Table of Contents Page: You have bought a machine based on a revolutionary new concept: There is a com- pletely new program with which you can either just bake a fresh loaf of bread or to brown one that has alrea- dy been baked.

The appliance is completely automatic and extremely user-friendly.

It kneads the dough in two different directions thus providing for excellent mixing. You will also find the recipes for the following specialties: Safety Instructions Read all the instructions in the manual and follow them carefully!

The bread baking machine is very hot after baking. Never dip the connection cable or the appliance in water or any other liquid. Keep your eye on the appliance when children are around! Unplug the appliance if it is not being used and before cleaning it.

Before removing single parts of the appliance let it cool down. Never use the appliance with a defective connection cable, after malfunctions or if the appliance happens to be clatrknic in any way whatsoever!

In these cases have the Customer Service check and repair it if neces- sary. Never try to repair it yourself. The warranty is void in this latter case. The use of accessories not recommended by the manufacturer can cause damage.

Use the appliance exclu- sively for the envisaged purpose. Lay the appliance firmly on the counter to avoid that it falls off during the kneading of a thick dough. This is especially important when using the preprogram function and c,atronic appliance is not being watched. In the case clatromic extremely smooth counters the appliance should be placed on a thin rubber mat to avoid any risk of falling.

The bread baking machine must be kept at a distance of at least 10 cm from other objects when it is working. The appliance can be used only indoors. Make sure that the power cable does not touch any hot surface and that it does not hang over a table edge thus avoiding, for example, that children may grab it.


Never place the appliance either on or near a gas or electrical stovetop or a hot oven. Pay great attention when handling the appliance especially when it is full of hot liquids marmalades!

Never remove the baking tin while the appliance is still working! When baking white bread, never fill the baking tin more than maximum level!

belt for Clatronic BBA 2865/for Clatronic BBA 2594/for Bomann CB 594

Should this happen, the bread will not be baked evenly and the dough may overflow. Please follow our instructions. Metal foils or other materials must not be put inside the appliance as these may cause a fire or a short circuit! Never cover the appliance with a towel or any other material! The heat and steam generated by the applian- ce must be free to escape.

A fire can break out if the appliance is covered with flammable materials or if it comes in contact, for example, with curtains. Before trying to bake a given type of bread overnight, try the recipe first while keeping an eye on it to make sure that the doses of the ingredients are correct, that the dough is not too thick or thin or that the quantity is too much and hence risks overflowing.

The manufacturer is not liable if this appliance is used for commercial purposes or in any way or man- ner that does not comply with the instructions herein provided.

It corresponds to the normal program. The positions of two arrows provide clatronnic on the selected browning level and the weight.

The basic setting after switching clatromic appliance on is: During operation the course of the program can be read on the display. As the program proceeds the digits of the set time will decrease progressi- vely. Keep the key pressed until a signal beep is heard. The starting position of the aforementioned start program appears on the screen. The hours and minutes after which the preparation should be started need to be added to the relevant basic time for the specific pro- gram plus 1 hour of warming time after the end of the baking process.

A maximum timing of 13 hours can be set. Press the TIME key until When working with the timing function never use perishable ingredients such as milk, eggs, fruit, yogurt, onions, etc.! In the recipes you will find our recommended quantities.

Use the programs for the following specialties: This program is used the most. CAKE For cakes with baking powder 7.

During the warming phase at the end of the baking procedure the acoustic signal rings several times. Repeat function In case of a blackout clatronnic bread baking machine must be started again. This is possible only if the program was stopped before the kneading phase was reached. Otherwise you will have to start from the beginning! HH will appear on the display when pressing start again and an acoustic signal is given.

HH message is deleted and the basic setting appears on the display.

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Remove the container and wait until the appliance has cooled. Bread Baking Machine Program phases Insert the baking tin The nonstick baking tin must be held firmly with both hands and be lcatronic in the middle of the baking compart- ment. Press the tin downwards with caution until it snaps into place. Insert the two kneading pegs on the driving shafts. Put in the ingredients The ingredients must be put into the baking tin clatrobic the order specified in the relevant recipe.


Choose the level corresponding to the selected program. Then select the desired degree of browning. Use the TIME key to set the time when the program is to be star- ted. Mix and knead the dough The bread baking machine mixes and kneads the automatically until it reaches the right consistency. Leave the dough to rise After the last kneading cycle the bread baking machine is heated to the optimal temperature for the rising of the dough.

Baking The bread baking machine sets the baking temperature and time automatically. If the bread is too light at the end of the baling program, use the BAKE program to let it brown more.

When the desired degree of baking has been reached, stop coatronic process. Warming Once the baking is over, the buzzer goes off to signal that the bread or specialty can be removed. The 1-hour warming time starts immediately. At the end of the program pull out the baking tin by using oven cloths, hba it on the counter and if the bread does not fall out of the tin onto the grid, move the knead shaft back and forth a few times until the bread comes out.

If one of the kneading pegs is still bbx in the bread, take the hook supplied with the appliance. Insert it under the warm loaf of bread into the almost circular opening of the kneading peg clatroniic wedge the hook against the lower edge of the kneading peg preferably where the blade of the kneading peg is located.

You can then cut the bread easily and pull clartonic the kneading peg completely. Once these have cooled down clean away polish the grease from the baking tin with a sheet of paper towel.

This operation is to be performed to protect the nonstick coating. This operation can be repeated from time to time. It takes about half an hour for the appliance to cool and to be ready again for baking and kneading. Use a mild detergent.

Never use chemical cleaning agents, gasoline, oven cleaners or any detergent that can scratch or ruin the coating. Never dip the appliance in clafronic nor fill the baking bbba with water!

For easy cleaning the lid can be removed by positioning it vertically and pulling it out. The inside of the tin can be washed with some deter- gent liquid. Do not leave it too long dipped in water. If the kneading pegs remain in the tin, it becomes difficult to remove them afterwards.


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