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Blackmores is Australia’s most trusted brand for vitamin, mineral & nutritional supplements. Expert advice, free recipes. Set up a repeat delivery and save!. OD&D Supplement II: Blackmoor (0e) – Caution! This is the second supplement to the highly addictive game Dungeons & Dragons. Handle it at. Blackmoor, the second supplement to the original D&D rules, is known for its introduction of rules for underwater adventures and hit location, and the addition of.

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Blackmoor (supplement)

It was published by TSR, Inc. Its product designation was TSR The page booklet was named for Dave Arneson’s original role-playing campaign worldBlackmoor.

Blackmoor ]Scott Casperretrieved March ] Despite the name, however, the supplement did not supplemet any information on the setting itself. It also introduced a hit location system, wherein each individual body part of a character or monster was assigned its own hit points.


The odds of hitting any specific body part changed depending on the character’s height and weapon reach, and if any individual body part “died”, the creature would be crippled or killed. This supplement also introduced rules for underwater adventures. Rules for swimming, equipment weight restrictions when fighting underwater, and the ssupplement of underwater combat on weapons and spells were all covered by this supplement.

Blackmoor also included numerous new water-dwelling and equipment useful for underwater adventures. Illustrations were provided by David C.

Blackmoor (supplement)

Blackmoor — is a fantasy role playing game campaign setting generally associated with the game Dungeons Dragons. Flanaess — The Flanaess is the eastern part of the continent of Oerik, one of the four continents of the fictional world of Oerth in the World of Greyhawk blackmolr setting for the Dungeons Dragons fantasy roleplaying game.

Blackmore disambiguation — Blackmore is a village in Essex. It may also refer to: Oriental Adventures — abbreviated OA[1] is the title shared by two hardback rulebooks published for different versions of the Dungeons Dragons D D fantasy roleplaying game.


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