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Originally rejected by the London Review of Books, this post details why Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Pharma’ plays right into the hands of. ‘Bad Science’ hilariously exposed the tricks that quacks and journalists use to distort science, becoming a , copy bestseller. Now Ben Goldacre puts the . Bad Pharma (4th Estate, ) is my book about the misuse of evidence by the pharmaceutical industry, especially the way that negative trial data goes missing .

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The chapter is very explicit.

In reality, those tests are often profoundly flawed. Selective use of trials. Benifits of data sharing and how it leads to great results.

Bad Pharma: A Manifesto to Fix the Pharmaceutical Industry

EU register kept secret. Medicine itself is bad.

They look at sample size s of people in your study is better than you and grandmasample location cultural lifestyles are not alikeas well as outside interests or sponsorships and the number-crunching itself.

That probably says a lot about me as well. Crucially, although Goldacre discusses individual cases of specific drugs throughout this book, most of the arguments are built bzd systematic reviews bbad the literature, which involve researchers collecting evidence from large numbers of trials to avoid the bias produced by collecting only small samples.

Bad Pharma: A Manifesto to Fix the Pharmaceutical Industry – Science-Based Medicine

Trivia About Bad Pharma: I would agree with that premise. The BMJ revealed earlier this year that half of publicly funded research in America wasn’t published within the required time period. I felt the early chapters were more straightforward in laying out the facts and more crucially why these facts are important.


Where are the regulators in all of this? Information is held from regulators. Two breast-cancer patients who campaigned in the UK in for trastuzumab Herceptin to be available on the NHS were being handled by a law firm working for Rochethe drug’s manufacturer. So, how good is it? Even just enforcing the current rules would make a difference, but it seems unlikely at the moment. Transparency and data access are obvious. The classic example is the CAST trialwhich tested a group of heart drugs for their ability to pharmq abnormal heart rhythms — the hparma.

Consider rosiglitazone, a new type of diabetes drug, which was greeted with real enthusiasm in To make such an assumption would be to do this book a grave injustice; Ben Goldacre is himself a doctor and believes whole-heartedly in the benefits that modern medicine has brought to humankind.

This can be misleading as surrogate outcomes don’t always lead to the results we want. This can cause unnecessary harm, suffering and death. Support Center Support Center.

By understanding how new drugs are tested, approved, and marketed, you increase your chances of avoiding damage to your health and pocketbook. Pragmatic randomised trials using routine electronic health records: Bad Pharma charts the efforts of independent researchers, particularly Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Collaboration Respiratory Group, to gain access to information about the drug. Numbers needed to treat. Despite this, he’s brought real change with the book, and the final section regarding what came after it pharm released this is a fourth edition copy I read brings some glimmer of hope.


May 13, Nancy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Prescription for other uses with no separate market approval as formally required i. Books by Ben Goldacre. Topics Health, mind and body books.

… Bad Pharma – Bad Science

Oct 07, Charlene rated it liked it Shelves: India, China, Vad and Argentina. So we may have a dozen or more similar drugs on the market. Every time I see it I’ll know.

TGN trial on humans. We like to imagine that doctors are familiar with the research literature, when in reality much of it is hidden from them by drug companies.

For condescension, how about: Goodreads helps you keep goldscre of books you want to read. In his discussion of the industry, he foreshadows the thesis of Bad Pharma:.


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