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Arquillian combines a unit testing framework (JUnit or TestNG), ShrinkWrap, and . For this tutorial, we’ll use JBoss AS 6 (currently at Milestone 2), for which we. Arquillian is a platform that simplifies integration testing for Java middleware. Define value for property artifactId:: arquillian-tutorial. Arquillian is a testing platform for JavaEE applications. This tutorial creates an Arquillian test and executes it on the Wildfly container.

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First, create a Maven-based Java project using the command below. Tells Maven how your project should be built.

It’s all too easy to kid ourselves by validating components in a specialized testing container, only to realize that the small variations causes the components fail when it comes time to deploy to the application for real.

Tutorial – Arquillian makes testing a breeze – JAXenter

Building the Arquillian test Although Arquillian does not depend on a specific build tool, it is commonly used with Maven; it offers dependency management and thus simplifies the task of including the Arquillian libraries in the application since they are distributed in the Central Maven repository.

Such “unit tests” can’t verify that the declarative services kick in as they should.

Running the the JUnit test in Eclipse. Click OK and accept the project changes.

Tutorial – Arquillian makes testing a breeze

Ttorial in mind your container will always run with debug mode enabled after making this change. Its lifecycle may be managed by Arquillian, or Arquillian may bind to a container that is already started.

That makes integration testing pretty difficult because it means the environment in which the business logic executes must be self-contained within the scope of the test case whether at the suite, class or method level. As you would expect, once all the methods in the test class have be run, the archive is undeployed. Of course, we could simply write a unit test. At some point you want to make sure that the infrastructure services are applied correctly and that the business logic functions properly within that context, justifying the second reason that integration testing is important in Java EE.


This means hooking the test class to the container environment by satisfying its injection points. However, if you just want the Maven integration without the extras that JBoss Tools brings, you can follow these steps instead:.

In the case of a local container, such as Weld SE, deploying the archive simply means arquillkan the contents of the archive with the futorial environment. Installing Forge is a relatively short process, and this guide will take you through the fundamentals. Arquillixn want to verify that this class behaves properly when invoked as a CDI bean. Make sure you have the correct APIs available for arquiillian test. We’ll go into more detail about how Arquillian works in a later chapter. The way the component interacts with the system is just as important as the work it performs.

This is not rutorial behavior that we see when executing the writeToConsole on tutprial server, which will always print matching UUID pairs one after the other.

You will also arquiloian JDK 1. Here’s a persistence unit configuration that satisfies that scenario. JBoss Forge is a command shell for rapid-application development in a standards-based environment. Rather than instantiating component classes in the test using Java’s new operator, which is customary in a unit test, Arquillian allows you to inject the container-managed instance of the component directly into your test class or you can look it up in JNDI so that you are testing the actual component, just as it runs inside the application.

Arquillian minimizes the burden on you — the developer — by covering aspects surrounding test execution, including:. The following diagram shows how the various SPIs in Arquillian tie into arquuillian test execution. Now let’s see if this baby passes! These steps may not be necessary if you have a Maven project and the sources for the library are available in the Maven repository.


Tutorials for WildFly Application Server, Openshift, JBoss Projects and Enterprise Applications

As you learned earlier, Aqruillian selects the container based on which container adapter is on the classpath. Below are the steps to follow to associate the source of a library with the debug configuration:.

Now that you have plenty of motivation for using Arquillian, let’s look at how to get started using Arquillian. You can either start the container in debug mode from within the IDE, or you aarquillian attach the debugger over a socket connection to a standalone container running with JPDA enabled.

For all you know, Arquillian created a new instance of theGreeter class and injected it into the test without any involvement from CDI. Just add a breakpoint anywhere — either in the test or in the application code. If you plan to step into a class in an external library code outside of your applicationyou must ensure that the source is properly associated with the library. A keen observer would note tutorail the All Done message is always printed at the end of the unit test output, but is printed at random points during the execution of the EnterpriseJavaBean class when deployed to a server.

An Arquillian test case looks just like a regular JUnit or TestNG test tutorisl with two declarative enhancements, which will be covered later. In order for the Java keyword “assert” to work you have to enable assertions using the -ea flag in the JVM that is running the container.

It’s all to easy to create a test that puts aequillian a good tutotial but doesn’t provide any real guarantee that the code under test functions properly in a production environment.

The file structure of the project is shown below: There are three injection-based enrichers provided by Arquillian out of the box:.


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