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Title, Aqidah salaf ashabul hadits. Serial buku At-Tibyan. Author, Syaikhul Islam Abu Isma’il Ash-Shabuni. Publisher, Pustaka At-Tibyan, Export Citation. Ismail bin Abdurachman Al-Shabuni is the author of Aqidah Salaf Ashhabul Hadits ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 1 review) and Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits &. The Explanation of the Creed of the Salaf, by Imaam Abee Uthmaan Ismaa’eel bin Abdir-Rahmaan As-Saaboonee,rahimahullaah, as.

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A Contest for Religious Authority than to demonstrate the mistake of its method. It is not infrequent that a Middle Eastern Salafi scholar s is invited to give a lecture muhadarah. In the same way the above described fracture of Salafi groups, Salafi radio stations have also been fragmented in terms of their ideological differences. The above comment by Abu Ahmad Rahmat is a clear example of how dakwah radio stations salar been identified according to their ideological orientations.

Among them, Muhammad ibn Sirin d. He is an opponent of Luqman Baabduh, and is closely related to Dzulqarnain. Amsterdam University Press, p.

He was born in Lamongan, East Java in It consists of those who are loyal to al-Hajuri Bulabo et al. This change is related to attempts to broaden the scope of the network.

Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In the tahdhir above, al-Jabiri does not mention any specific Salafi radio station. Hasan demonstrated that the increasing influence of Thalib challenged the authority of other Salafi figures like Abu Nida. Some founders or managers of the station were criticised for this.

This initiative follows the sweeping operation launched by Balai Monitoring Monitoring Bureauan agency under the Ministry of Communication and Information in charge of monitoring radio and television airwaves. That is why Al-Madinah FM did not air a special sermon in order to counteract those critiques. The recordings of the lectures of both Mukhtar and Syafruddin are available at https: Inhe returned to Indonesia, and started Salafi dakwah activities. Therefore, the Islamic ruling on listening to the radio depends on when and for what purposes the radio is used.


As a consequence, common people … wonder whose radio station it is. From these networks, we can see that such dichotomies as sururi and non-sururi, Yemeni and haraki, as offered by previous studies Hasan ; Bulabo et al.

Through these networks, Salafi teachers can easily build their careers as religious personalities widely known to Salafis throughout the country. After the dissolution of Laskar Jihad, the sururi issue remained significant in Salafi rivalries. A Contest for Religious Authority Because of this, he was accused by other Salafi scholars like Salih al-Fauzan, a respected Salafi scholar in Saudi Arabia, of being preoccupied with tahdhir.

While both Hasan and Wahid only very concisely clarify why radio is important for Salafi dakwah, I shall specifically investigate the ways in which Salafi radio stations played a role in the internal dynamics of the Salafi movement. To keep them in line with the Salaf method, a special team is created in charge of monitoring the programmes being presented. According to Hasan, Thalib used the sururi issue mainly to strengthen his relationship with prominent Salafi authorities in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

Three Salafi radio stations under discussion here have their respective special slogans. Historical and Contemporary Debates. Baabduh himself had received a tahdhir from al-Hajuri. It is from this online radio station that the religious programmes of Suara Quran FM are currently broadcast in the Karanganyar area.


As its title suggests, the book deals with how to give advices to Muslims based on Islamic teaching. Marco Milosevic and Kacper Rekawek eds.

Like Baabduh, he was among the students of Ihyaussunnah sent to Yemen see Hasan Luqman Baabduh was born in Bondowoso, East Java, in This is different from the slogans of the other two Salafi radio stations, which explicitly display a Salafi character. Surakarta is the other name of Solo, Central Java. The recorded sermons of Salafi teachers within this network are regularly broadcast on Suara Havits FM.

Three radio stations discussed here give no explanation of this concept, but in practice they follow a specific concept they consider to be in line with Islam. These sermons and talks became part of the important broadcasting materials of Salafi radio.

Indonesian Students in Zalaf and Yemen.

Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits 2

All of them are within the Luqman Baabduh network. It already existed before Dzulqarrnain was born in in Makassar, South Sulawesi. This agreement was written in Arabic, dated 26 Jumada al-Ula 2 July Although genealogically similar, Salafism is conceptually and historically different from Wahhabism, the official ideology of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Adeni gave an The Hindu then consulted a religious hadihs ustadh about his intention to become a Muslim. They have been constantly fractured into groups. To explain this, al-Maidany cited Q.


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