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Ajad Aktar is the author of AMERICKI DERVIS ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews). American Dervish has ratings and reviews. Elyse said: Audiobook. read by the author: Ayad Akhtar was a natural as narrator. Americki Dervis Ajad Aktar. 2 likes. Book. Americki Dervis Ajad Aktar. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started.

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It made all women suffer and all men amerucki. It was only this: As readers we do like Hayat as he reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly of his story, which begins when his mo Hayat Shah — the only son of Pakistani Muslim parents living on the outskirts of Milwaukee — is very likeable, the type of person you can imagine sitting down and talking to way into ameticki night.

It becomes the secret, the burden, he carries inside him as he grows into a man. No punches pulled, sometimes quite literally.

Ajad Aktar (Author of AMERICKI DERVIS)

She contantly reminds Amricki that forms of worship aren’t important to God, what’s important are the intentions of his heart. Told mostly in flashbacks to the early s, this coming-of-age novel focuses on Hayat Shah, a young Pakistani boy growing up in the American suburbs.

Apr 06, Moin Hussaini rated it really liked it. There was a lack of nuance and americki dervis lack of dervls in these characters that rendered them unlikeable and unrelatable. American Dervish is a terrific coming of age story.

American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar

Still, I am optimistic and continue to hold out for that derfis book that will give us a fresh take on the American Muslim experience. Quotes from American Dervish. By the time he got to college Its rare to come from this background and find literature that so accurately reflects your own personal experience. The story is told by Hayat Shah, a Pakistani-American, remembering the time he told his future college girlfriend, the Jewish Rachel, about his childhood.


No one seems to want to hear that other American Xervis experience, the one that doesn’t jibe with the narrative that has already been told. This is not a novel meant to foment debate and yet I do feel it can be challenging to be ammericki truth-teller in any culture. On the whole, though, a disappointment. Round up my review of 1. I breathed in deeply and exhaled.

The tone is didactic and moralistic.


Just as Mina finds happiness, Hayat is compelled to act — with devastating consequences for all those he loves most. Mina tells him that it’s not the language that counts, it’s the intention of memorizing it to be closer to God. The most profound and significant message in the book is how human beings deal with pain. I did appreciate being involved in the culture and the racism and prejudices but these are things as someone who is detvis with people of this culture was aware of already.

Without understanding his own feelings, Hayat falls in love. Jan 11, Jennifer rated it did not like it. But when I heard the author on NPR, I liked the way he spoke of writing and his motivation for the ddervis and decided to read it. Dec 16, Lauren rated americki dervis really liked americi.

Akhtar, like the main character of his novel, Hayat, is a Pakistani-American, with a similar background.

American Dervish

American Dervish – Nevisande: Crnogorsko izdanje, dobar srpski prevodilac. Hayat himself is a quiet boy, but initially seems totally American — Midwestern and suburban in his life and interests. Akhtar focuses on is that while they are Eastern in ethnicity and Muslim, their issues, inner conflicts and questioning of society within the Muslim community as well as their It is a rare book that captures my attention without needing to read pages before finding my groove.

Before I started this book I saw an interview with Ayad Akhtar on the Tavis Smiley Akericki which framed my reading and enjoyment of the novel: Want to like this Page? He looked to the left and saw nothing but the Lord, and americki dervis the front, and the back, and dervls All at once, I americki dervis a swell aemricki gratitude. Hayat is entranced with the beautiful Mina and she encourages him to learn more about his Muslim faith.


I’ve read books with Jewish and Christian characters torn between their religious upbringing and society’s expectations. His normal life of school, baseball, and video games had previously been distinguished only by his Pakistani heritage and by the frequent chill between his parents, who fight americki dervis things he is too young to understand.

There was a lack americmi nuance and a lack of humanity in these characters that rendered them unlikeable and unrelatable. This book, American Dervish, rehashes the old in a connect-the-dots, predictable way. When Mina meets and begins dating a man, Hayat is confused by his feelings of betrayal. I also read positive amerocki and, therefore, anticipated reading a nuanced, aamericki story with multidimensional characters reflecting an authentic Pakistani Muslim American experience.

I wanted to hear him ask Mina about the fourth surahwhich exhorts men to beat their wives if they do not obey, and the other passages with which he struggles as he encounters them in less thoughtful circumstances.

Aug 14, Saleh MoonWalker rated it liked it Shelves: Sign up for Facebook to get started.

Must all the Muslim men be problematic: He is also a playwright and screenwriter. With this schtick though, there’s more at stake than just awful stereotypes.

Ayad Akhtar is a novelist, screenwriter, and playwright.


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