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At this site you will find dyno tests for the Ford L. The Paperback of the L Ford Dyno Tests by Richard Holdener at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. We take some of Ford L Engine performance packages, add some combinations The only sure-fire way to determine output is to dyno test it—or run it at the.

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You have no idea how many hp combinations really make hp. In less than an hour, we were ready to test. Since our original engine came with distributorless ignition, Moore swapped in an earlier distributor, which needed a custom gear compatible with the steel core. Steven Rupp – November 22, The remainder of the motor was stock from the 60mm throttle body to the factory oil pan. These engines came with the GT40P head, which even with its small valves, offers really good performance.

The question was whether we wanted a torquey small-block or a more cammed-up rpm engine to boost peak horsepower. It turned out we were conservative on both counts. We tried two different Lunati Voodoo hydraulic roller cams. We we set the timing to 34 degrees and rejetted the carburetor to get our desired There is additional power to be had with wilder cam timing, but figure you will start to trade bottom end torque for the gains experienced higher in the rev range.

Once again we employed a stroker assembly, but this one came in the form of a Dart SHP stroker assembly. Despite adding 30 degrees of intake duration, this cam improved torque throughout the entire test from 3, rpm on up.

Southfield, MI http: We were surprised to see that a set of extrude honed stock heads was worth 38 horsepower on a stock engine!

If you are plan to swap this 5. Changing cams in the 5. This photo shows Mike concentrating on the bowl area of the heads, but this requires some experience. This required removal of the accessories, and installation of the Meziere electric water pump.


Make 503HP With A $350 Junkyard 302

We decided to test both ideas, so we ordered two roller cams from Lunati: The kit offers adjustable power from 50— hp with a simple jet change. Perhaps even more surprising was how well this engine idled, calmly purring with 16 inches of manifold vacuum at rpm. Feeding the beast was a Holley HP carburetor. Thanks to tuning from the Holley management system, the injected combination produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm.

First off, our stock 5.

Make HP With A $ Junkyard – Hot Rod Network

The multiple-layer steel construction allows the gasket to conform to movement between the cylinder head and block while maintaining a good seal. In a 3,pound car like a Mustang with 3. The heads also required some machine work, including screw-in studs, guideplates, and widening the spring pockets for bigger valvesprings. Late-model hydraulic roller 5.

Nothing sucks more than spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on the latest and greatest parts, only to gain no power or reduction in ET. And changing parts is sometimes part of the fun. As a final goal, we decided to bolt on a simple nitrous system and see if we could push this little small-block Ford to make some real power.

This photo shows the Lunati dual springs we used to ensure valve control at 6,rpm-plus engine speeds.

Within a few hours of his discovery, the engine was sitting in the back of his truck on its way to a new home. Some ideas never go out of style. Carb Displacement ci Bore 4. The number of performance packages that have been applied to the otherwise-stock short-block is staggering, but this is a good example of what can be expected. If a is good, then a must be even better, right? With the tuning finalized, the little cam made far more power than we expected, cranking out lb-ft of torque at .50l, and hp at 5, rpm.


But what we were most impressed with was the solid tedts in torque over the smaller Voodoo cam from 3, and up. Enter Search Text Search Text. For those into blowing, teats, boring, or stroking this engine, CarTech SA Design has published what may be the ultimate hop-up book: The Dart heads were capable of supporting a great deal more power, but the limitation was the displacement, cam timing, and intake manifold.

The exhaust consisted of Hooker Super Comp headers feeding a 2. This time around, we chose a shining hests of this junkyard tfsts form.

Even with relatively small valve sizes of 1. Our stories often provide the recipe and the results. Run on the dyno with a Box R upper and lower intake and 90mm Accufab throttle body, this normally aspirated produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 5, rpm. Both Lunati cams were ground on cast-iron cores, which allowed the use of a stock cast-iron distributor gear. To illustrate possible gains, we first had to test a stock 5. By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use.

Author Richard Holdener, a regular contributor to several Ford magazines, has dyno tested virtually every modification and component available, from synthetic lubricants, iced intake manifolds and throttle bodies to cams, cylinder heads, and blowers.

While the modular Ford is a killer powerplant, it lacks the variety of parts and variety of possible combinations of heads, intakes, cams and displacement.

We will go into more detail on the head mods in a later story in Junkyard Builder, so watch for it. Forged Yes and no—depends on year Compression 9. The is a common stoker assembly, and our test components were supplied by Scat and JE pistons.


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